Saturday, October 1, 2011

Eight Trigrams: Water

The water trigram is known as Kan, with its upper and lower lines broken but middle unbroken. Kan is the representation of middle sons, males aged between sixteen and thirty, sailors and fishermen. The element of this trigram is obviously water, with the sense and flavour of the water trigram being hearing and salty respectively.
The water trigram Kan is known as “The Dangerous”, “The Abysmal” and “The Depth”. It represents the risks one takes in life, but also times in life where it is felt that one is going into the unknown. If this trigram had to be a person, it would be someone whom is socially and outwardly gentle but within of high strength.
Kan has the time of day being night, and as such has the colour of black. Being considered a trigram of things cool, winter is no surprise to be the season of Kan. In the Northern Hemisphere, the direction of this trigram is north, while in the Southern Hemisphere the opposite is true with the direction of Kan being south.

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