Monday, May 30, 2011

Keeping Simple Argument

Arguments do occur, sometimes in the public eye while anyone can easily listen. This is just what happened between two teenaged girls who were arguing about keeping simple. One of the girls is 'not simple enough' which is an apparent problem, but according to the not so simple teenager she is 'simple enough'.
It is ever so lovely how people have such arguments.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Er Lang

Er Lang, also known as Erlang or Er Lang Shen and Erlang Shen is a god who is well known for having an opened third eye. He is the nephew of the Jade Emperor and enemy of the god Zhang Xian.
Er Lang is said to be the son of Li Bing (the engineer who is responsible for the irrigation infra-structure Dujiangyan).
Er Lang is also a filial son and a great fighter. Upon his mother died he found his way to the underworld to save his mother from it. He uses his fighting ability to subdue evil spirits, to which the Howling Celestial Dog helps Er Lang. His weapon of choice is a spear.
Er Lang helped his father with the irrigation system and the two had a temple built in their honour.
Li Bing actually sent out his son Er Lang out to find the source of the regions floods, Er Lang spent a year without any success learning of the cause of the floods. It was one time that Er Lang sheltered in a cave and came across a tiger that he slew. Seven hunters who witnessed this agreed to join Er Lang on his quest.
On the outskirts of Guanxian an old woman was found crying, to which the group was told it was due to their grandson being sacrificed to a local river god who had the form of a dragon. Er Lang and the hunters went to the temple of the river god and captured the dragon which freed the region from the floods, finishing Er Lang’s quest as to find out why there was floods.
In Journey to the West, Er Lang is ordered by the Jade Emperor to subdue Sun Wukong who was to be punished for causing havoc in Heaven. Er Lang duels Sun Wukong and eventually defeats Sun Wukong after several transformations plus help from other gods. Er Lang would appear to Sun Wukong as ally rather later on.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Cancer is the fourth sign seen in the zodiac. A ‘cardinal’ sign, a sign which is considered feminine and negative. Cancer is represented by a crab, its element being of water and ruler being of the moon. Those who are Cancer are born between June 22nd and July 22nd. The colour of Cancer is silver and the stone being of pearl.
Those who are Cancer tend to be self-protective people, tending to be quite sensitive. While Cancer people tend to be the kind to be overemotional they are also quite loving. Intuitive and imaginative in nature, such people can be the very people to go to for help.
Cancer people are high in loyalty and dependability, making great friends. Although it should be noted that there is also the factor of being clingy and moody. It is the Cancer that are fragile beings while at the same time complex and unpredictable. Such a sign is a mysterious one.
Such jobs that are good for Cancer are journalism, gardening and even sailing. It is due to the adaptability of these people that allows them to have a varying array of jobs.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Totems: Rhinoceros

The rhinoceros, or as it is simply called, rhino, is a powerful creature. Large and powerful, it is a creature not to mess about with. Two horned rhinos are of Africa while single horned rhinos are of Asia.
To not judge others solely appearance alone is important. A person can appear fearsome but it doesn’t mean the person is fearsome, just as a person can appear to be fragile but can be a tough character. Hence the importance of to not judge on appearance and is one of many of what the rhino teaches.
The rhino teaches to trust one’s own inner wisdom. To look at the wisdom picked up during life and use it at the present time.
Teaching of the need to work more often alone or with others is another lesson, depending on one’s situation. One may need to work more often or less often with others. The rhino teaches it might just be time to work more often with others or in solitude.
To be comfortable alone is another lesson. Although the rhino teaches of how it might just be time to work with others more often, to be in comfort in solitude is much what the rhino tells about. To enjoy the time alone, to enjoy the peace and quiet associated with solitude.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Dagaz is the last rune of the twenty-four, and is traditionally the rune of the summer solstice with the fortnight of the 14th to 29th of June. Its ruling hour is 11:30 to 12:30, deities Heimdall and Loki, plus a rune of happiness.
The meaning of Dagaz is ‘midsummer’ and ‘beginning and ending’, with Dagaz representing noon. ‘Daylight’ is said to be another meaning, with Dagaz being the symbol of the sun at full strength. The herb sage and the rowan tree are the plants of Dagaz.
Dagaz has no inverted symbol is when it appears it tells of prosperity with the suggestion of soon to be major changes. Telling of not only a possible major change or two, there is also of wonderful new experiences with fun, and a burst of activity being likely also.
Dagaz speaks out at how if there has been a period of waiting that is signifies an end of an era and thus a beginning of a new one.
A secret or two may appear, as a time of frustration means new information appearing when it was hidden elsewhere. More time to explore may be evident, making a good time to actually check out what’s new or what couldn’t be checked out earlier.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra, or Sahasrara, is the seventh chakra. Its name Sahasrara means ‘one thousand petalled lotus’ and is very much symbolized by a lotus with one thousand multi-coloured petals. This particular chakra is found either at the crown of the head, or right above it.
Often associated with the colour violet and white, also with gold and even said to be some to be colourless or of all colours. Due to where it is located, the brain is the chakra along with the entire nervous system. The Crown Chakra deals with unity, oneness, intuition and of sense of empathy.
Having such a chakra overbalanced makes one appear being overly intellectual and feelings of being of a spiritually or intellectual elite. Underbalance creates apathy and materialism. Feelings of being misunderstood and even frustration with everything can be of having either an overbalance or under balance.
All forms of meditation helps keep the Crown Chakra in balance. Being in peaceful and quiet surroundings is also of benefit in keeping balance.

Monday, May 23, 2011


I sometimes look at Pagan Blog Prompts. I haven’t done a prompt before and I won’t be doing one as of now. One caught my attention, it was from late March; What symbols have meaning to you and your beliefs?
Symbols are easy to find, they are everywhere. It is mainly the Latin cross symbolising Christianity seen by eyes of many, making it easy for non-Christian’s to easily feel such things as being alone in one’s beliefs. Then again, it is just as easy to get used to having a symbol or symbols being so common. Many have.
Symbolism in itself is indeed important. It tells certain things apart from another, one meaning from another. It helps greatly to the telling of what kind of people others are.
One could go on for some time about symbolism and how people react to symbols. It’s a fascinating subject.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gods and Goddesses: Zhang Xian

Zhang Xian, a god few have heard of. God of birth and protector of children, but only those who are male. An archer who is often depicted with bow and arrow in hand, aiming at a celestial dog known as Tiangu. Er Lang, the nephew of the Jade Emperor (the very ruler of Heaven) and is an enemy of Zhang Xian himself.
Sometimes Zhang Xian and the god of prosperity, Lu, are mistaken to be the same.
Zhang Xian was originally a man called Meng Chang with a beloved concubine, Lady Huarui, living during the Late Shu dynasty. As Meng Chang he loved Lady Huarui deeply and once gave the woman a picture of himself as an archer which he drew himself.
Misfortune struck as in 965AD, Ren Zong of the Song Dynasty attacked the Shu Dynasty. Meng Chang surrendered and got the title of Lord Qin, with a week passing before the man passed away by an unobvious cause. Ren Zong, who was then emperor made Lady Huarui his concubine.
Lady Huarui hung her picture of Meng Chang and prayed to it everyday in remembrance, capturing the suspicion of Ren Zong. When asked, Lady Huarui replied that the archer was Zhang Xian and claimed to be worshipped by the people of Shu by those asking for a son. Ren Zong was happy as who Lady Huarui was praying to and allowed her to do so.
Lady Huarui, for what she had told Ren Zong, was horror stricken.
People around the palace started to worship Meng Chang under the name of Zhang Xian, with Ren Zong eventually having a dream of a bearded man holding a bow and a stone pellet in hands who said he was Zhang Xian. Ren Zong was told that he had no children due to the Celestial Dog guarding the city gate. It was upon waking up that Ren Zong ordered images of Zhang Xian be pasted all over the city and thus was introduced to the common people who began worshipping Zhang Xian.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

No End

An earthquake is supposed to occur to signify the end of the world. No earthquake. Fun. So no end of the world - yet again. The lack of the end of the world is extraordinarily dull, with the further lack of demons even duller.

There has been word of people who has spending all their wealth and doing whatever they can before they ‘leave’ earth and go to Heaven. Lovely how people do so much in so little time on the basis of another’s words; congratulations to Harold Camping for making a fool of people.

Oh well, it appears people have to wait until next year for the end of the world.


From the 21st of May to June 21st, the third sign of the zodiac rules. It is Gemini, also known as ‘The Twins’. Gemini is considered a sign that is masculine, positive, of the air element, and one of the four ‘mutable’.
The planet of Gemini is Mercury, colour being green and birthstone agate.
Those who are Gemini are the kind of people who enjoy talking with others and dislikes being alone. Adaptive, versatile, communicative and an intellectual, yet also a superficial person who is known to be nervous and tense. These are the traits of the Gemini.
Such people tend to be both cunning and witty, Gemini are the kind of people who are a source of information. These people love to stay in touch with friends, family and neighbours but it is their sarcasm which should be noted.
Jobs that require creativity and imagination are suggested jobs of this sign. Jobs of a communicative nature are great for those who are Gemini. Being an interpreter, announcer, journalist or professor are ideas for the Gemini.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Totems: Unicorn

A much loved mythical creature is the unicorn. A horse like creature with blue eyes, a white body and a half meter long horn coming out of the middle of their forehead. This totem is both powerful and gentle.
The blood and horn of such a creature is said to have great healing properties, to which the unicorn teaches to develop. One’s healing ability may not be that great as it used to be, or used at all, and should be used to help improve it to benefit others.
The horn of the unicorn symbolizes the third eye opening and teaches to have self exploration and meditation to help open the third eye. To do what benefit’s to opening one’s third eye.
Being strong yet having wisdom is of the unicorn. Many are strong but lack wisdom or vice versa, the unicorn teaches to balance the two. The unicorn teaches to have strength and wisdom at the same time, with the two being a great combo.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


From 29th of May to the 14th of June, it is the two week period of the rune called Othila. The same rune that rules over the hour of 10:30 to 11:30. The god which is of this rune is Odin and the meaning of it being of ‘rulership’, ‘nobility’ and ‘loyalty’, ‘prince’ is even said to be a meaning.
The hawthorn tree and the clover is what represents Othila, with royalty being much related also. It is no wonder why this rune is related to royalty due to its meaning. Loyalty to one’s monarch is something of Othila also.
In divination and when upright, Othila tells of how unimportant traditions will become important and how something will stand the test of time itself. Othila gives the message of loyalty and of its true meaning, how loyalty is important even to family. Issues for children will be of good fortune.
Inverted, rather than loyalty being around, disloyalty is likely around. Fights over money and status is likely, even over inheritance. A loss is of likely chance.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brow/Third Eye Chakra

The sixth chakra is known as the Brow Chakra, or the Third Eye Chakra and takes also the name of Ajna. This particular chakra can be found in between the brows where the third eye would be found. The Brow Chakra has two white petals on the sides on a white circle, within the circle is a downward pointing triangle.
Ardhanarishvara and Hakini are the deities of this chakra, while the colours violet, indigo and deep blue representing the very chakra depending on who is asked.
It is the Brow Chakra that is of responsibility and intuition. When balanced one can expect high intuition, faithfulness, clear sightedness, integrity and an orderly mind. A creative imagination and good visualization powers will also be expected when the Brow Chakra is balanced.
An imbalance however means one will not trust intuition, have a scattered mind and will be inconsiderate. Forgetfulness and high envy will also occur, doubting is bound in others and oneself. Over sensitivity is likely to occur.
Focusing on the third eye during meditation helps to balance this chakra.

Monday, May 16, 2011

End of ze World

Hooray for the end of the world this upcoming Saturday! As fun as it has been to survive the end of the world before, this time means living through five months of hell. That’s absolutely amazing, there is probably many people who will enjoy five months of fighting off demons.
Hey, if lucky there’ll be zombies to fight also and who doesn’t want to fight zombies?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Mazu

Mazu is the goddess of the sea whose name is also spelt as Matsu and born as Lin Moniang. As Mazu is the goddess of the sea, it is not a surprise that she is a popular goddess to go to amongst sailors and fishermen. Mazu also has various titles, “Princess of Supernatural Favour”, “Protector of the Empire and the Brilliantly Outstanding Heavenly Princess”, “Holy Mother of Heaven Above”, “Heavenly Empress” and “Holy Mother in Heaven.”

Two guardians tend to be depicted with Mazu which were originally demons that Mazu subdued and turned into loyal friends. These two demons are Thousand Miles Eye (who is red with two horns) and With-the-Wind Ear (who is green and with one horn).

Mazu herself is depicted in two ways, in a red robe or clothed in jewel-festooned robes which empresses wear along with holding either a ceremonial tablet or jewelled staffed along with a flat topped imperial cap with handing beads on both front and back.

This goddess is said to be born on the twenty-third day of the third lunar month in 960 in which her birthday is celebrated on the same day. Mazu’s parents prayed to the Bodhisattva Guanyin for a son, however she came out as a girl and some legends state that Mazu is a manifestation of Guanyin.

Despite being the goddess of the sea started swimming at the age of fifteen in which Mazu soon became an excellent swimmer. Notably, Mazu wore red garments while standing on shore to help guide fishing boats back home even in dangerous and harsh weather.

During her early teens, Mazu began burning incense and chanting sutras, at sixteen she had the luck to be given a bronze talisman by an immortal and became an immortal herself.
Mazu, at the age of twenty-eight climbed a mountain alone in which at the top she flew to Heaven and became a goddess where she helped fishermen and sailors in distress.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Taurus is the animal of the bull and the second sign in the zodiac. A sign of the element of earth and a ‘fixed’ sign. The planet of Taurus happens to be Libra. The metal of Taurus is copper, stone is emerald and with a fitting colour of green. The lucky day is Friday with two numbers of luck being one and nine.
Those who are Taurus are born between April 20th and May 20th.

Such people are stubborn but offer dependability and security. Generous and creative, yet attracted to beauty and luxury. Those who are Taurus are private people who are better listeners then talkers, with being good listeners also come with the fact patience is what these people have plenty of. Those who are Taurus are loyal friends and partners.

A practical and observant sign with a usual even-temper. Messing with an ill-tempered Taurus is one of those things to regret. Taurus people can be inflexible and narrow minded, something to watch out for.

Usually having natural business and organization skills, along with a planner and strategist these people happen to be. Those who are Taurus also just happen to be hard workers. Accounting and architectural services are ideas for the Taurus to take up.

Totems: Zebra

It is the famous black and white creature that is of focus. Many people know of such a creature and take note of its appearance being similar to horses seen in the everyday life of some. It is the zebra which has such lessons as individuality and agility.

The stripes are black and white which tells of opposites, Yin and Yang essentially. The zebra teaches how one should balance such opposites in one’s life.
The zebra also teaches another stripe related lesson, which is of individuality. Although zebras use their stripes to hide in the herd and make it difficult one another, every zebra has a unique pattern. It is the zebra that teaches to be a individual and a productive part of one’s community.

It is this totem that tells to question not only illusion but also reality. Questioning is not always a bad thing, it can be very much a good experience to allow curiosity to ask what one wants to know.

Agility over strength is key in success as the zebra would say. Agility is useful, it can be used to trick and to fool, to bring success and to escape. Strength is not always the way to go, it can very much be agility that proves much needed.

Offerings to the zebra can include bark, leaves, grass (green or dry) and shrubbery with water being a good offering alongside.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Inguz is the rune that looks very much two X’s together. Its fortnight is from 14th May to 29th of May with the ruling hour of 9:30 to 10:30. The deity of Inguz is Frey, fitting as Frey is the god of fertility and this rune means fertility.
Boars and cuckoo are creatures of Inguz. Plant wise it is the apple tree, and rosemary.

When this rune is drawn, there is one meaning it tells of as it has no inverted meaning. It tells of concern with the health, fertility and well being of men. An indication of this rune is of a new job or if there is no new job, considerable change for the better.

Turning away from situations is what Inguz tells, but only if such situations are leading to nowhere. If there’s a problem going on, being able to get away from the problem is not all that far.
Inguz tells it may just be the time to go on holiday, just as it may be the time to get rid of any rubbish and tidy up the house.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Throat Chakra

Depicted as a silver crescent within a white circle and with sixteen light blue petals, this is the Throat Chakra, or Vishuddha as it is also known. Panchavaktra Shiva is the deity of this chakra and in a certain kind of art which deals with lucid dreaming known as Dream Yoga it plays importance.
The Throat Chakra of course can be found in the throat as its name suggests and is the fifth chakra.

What is dealt with by this chakra is communication, independence, fluent thought and a sense of security. Expression shall be easy when the Throat Chakra is balanced. Clear expression and speech is also very much of this chakra.

When one has an imbalance of this chakra one will become uncommunicative, shy, and mousy.  Suppression of what one really feels is also likely when there is an imbalance along with destructive and addictive behaviours.

Singing, chanting and humming happens to be great for balancing the Throat Chakra.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I need to stop watching so much television

When one just keeps on going with life, it does get a little hard to focus on what goes on around. Watching the news, nothing truly gives appeal nor is there many a reason to watch. The only actual reason to watch seems to be to find out the local weather for the next day or two.

As much as people do enjoy hearing about politics, celebrities and sport none of the above takes an interest to me. Appealing how politics, celebrities and sport seems to be the majority of news reported (or its just a certain someone not paying enough attention to the television).Sport? Nothing special, it is one of those things to get involved in rather to sitting and watching. Celebrities? Does anyone really need to hear about such ‘news’ as Lindsay Lohan being a petty thief? Politics? Personally not a fan of it.

Maybe its time a newspaper is picked up for once.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Ra

Ra, or Re, is the sun god well known to so many with his human body and falcon head. Often depicted with a sun disk on his head with a cobra wrapping around said sun disk. Ra is known to have been merged with two gods, Horus (becoming Re-Horakhty) and Amun (becoming Amun-Ra).

Ra is powerful and popular, with his worship being popular. Being called the king, or father, of the gods and is the patron of the pharaoh. The pharaohs of the time is even said to have been an incarnation of Ra running on earth.

It is believed that the creation of all life is from Ra calling each of them into existence by speaking their secret names, humans are even said to have been created by Ra’s tears and sweat, for this reason Egyptians called themselves “Cattle of Ra”. Ra is told to be self-created along with the father of Tefnut (goddess of moisture), Shu (god of air), Hathor (goddess of love), and according to some, Anubis (god of mummification). His wife is Ratet, some however say Hathor is rather then daughter of Ra but wife.

Ra takes on many forms and many names, with a secret name even for himself. Ra’s power was in fact kept in his secret name which he only knew. A goddess, Isis, knew this and tricked Ra into walking past a snake which bit him. None could heal Ra but Isis, with Isis only agreeing to heal Ra if his secret name is told which Ra succumbed to doing thanks to pain. Isis healed Ra as promised and thus gained the magical power Ra originally had.

At sunrise Ra is known as Khepera and represented by the scarab. At noon, Ra is as we know him. At sunset, he is Tem.

It is Ra who travels the sun with the sun upon he head and using two boats. The boat of the morning is called Matet and from midday he rides the boat called Semktet. It is Ra who is also credited to ride only one boat called “Barque of Millions of Years’ and to fighting his enemy, a snake known as Apep, during the day.
 Ra is believed to die at the end of each day and have a voyage though the underworld, getting past through twelve doors, one for each hour. It was the next dawn that Ra was born again.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Aries is the first of the zodiac and its name means ‘ram’, fitting as the animal of this sign is a ram. Those born between 21st of March and 19th of April is a Aries themselves.
This sign is also represented by the element of fire, the planet Mars and is called a ‘cardinal sign’.

People who are Aries are described positively as adventurous, energetic, pioneering, courageous, enthusiastic, confident, dynamic and quick witted. Negatively, Aries people are selfish, quick-tempered, and impatient.

Aries people tend to be headstrong. Getting things started is what the people of Aries have a liking for. These people are often extroverted and assertive, along with showing strong leadership. Being accident prone is common amongst those Aries due to also commonly being a quick mover and impulsive.

Such people make good athletes, doctors, explorers and sailors. Aries peoples strength is their belief that courage is mastery over fear while the weakness is that what is started cannot be finished.

The lucky day of Aries is Tuesday, with the colour of luck red and stones the diamond and ruby. Metal iron is the talisman of choice for Aries.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Totems: Pigeon

Pigeons are common creatures to come across and many do live very much close to such a creature. For some, pigeons are a bird seen frequently and its easy to forget that they are around.

For lessons, the pigeon teaches about looking back at one’s heritage, one’s roots. Family is important and knowing the heritage of the family is something worthwhile, as there are many stories to learn from one’s ancestors.

Of heritage and family, one should feel secure with one’s family, safe. Family is whom anyone should be able to go to. Maybe getting together with family more often is needed, or bettering one’s relationships with family is of use. Whatever the case, family is whom one should be able to go to.

Pigeons have a great ability to get back home. Such a totem teaches of finding our way back when lost, to remember the way we came.

Such a creature is one with the power of adaptability. People try to get rid of pigeons, yet they don’t disappear. This is due to the pigeons ability to adapt and deal with the problems thrown at them. With the pigeon teaching of adaptability, to deal with the problems thrown around.

As people try to rid of the pigeon, people also go around saying pigeons are disease ridden when this is not true. It is due to this that the pigeon tells that all words heard are not of truth, words can be of lies.

Offerings to the pigeon would likely consist of grains. Rice, split peas and buckwheat make good offerings. Pigeons are known to drink right after eating, so water makes good offering to go alongside any food.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Laguz, the rune that means ‘spiritual love’. The gods of Laguz is of safe harbours, Njord and Nerthus, while the hour 8:30 to 9:30 and fortnight 29th April to 14th of May.

A rune of water and of tides, as one could possibly tell from simply knowing the gods of Laguz.
The otter and seal is the animals of this rune, with seagull and cormorant specifically birds. The tree of Laguz, the willow, is also well known to be often found at the banks of lakes and streams which even further connects Laguz with water.
Upright, Laguz is said to be of a swelling tide. On the other hand, when Laguz is inverted it is said to mean the ebb.

In divination and upright, Laguz signifies deep spiritual love and is a good omen if the divination is about someone’s relationship. Even if one’s love life isn’t that great, Laguz tells that things shall come good.
Material good fortune and success is even of the upright Laguz, however, it may be of some time before getting such good fortune and success.

Inverted, indication of being too assertive is what‘s given. Keeping calm and patient is what Laguz tries to tell.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Heart Chakra

Ishana Rudra Shiva is the deity of the fourth chakra, the Heart Chakra, or Anahata, found within the chest near the heart. It is represented by a grey lotus flower with twelve petals coloured green and two triangles creating a shatkona.

Compassion, empathy and love is of this chakra, while the heart and lungs are the organs of the Heart Chakra also. It is this chakra that is of huge influence over emotions.

An under balanced Heart Chakra can show in one’s possessiveness and jealously. Running away from intimacy, and being secretive is also of an imbalanced chakra.

One will be quite the opposite with an overbalanced Heart Chakra, over empathic and being able to very easily pick up the emotions of others can be of a problem. However, being dominated by one’s emotions is also of an overbalanced Heart Chakra.

A great way to balance the Heart Chakra is to show love to others and to oneself.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden Dead

As happy as I am to be able to say that I bought a couple pineapples and avocadoes not only to eat but also to try to grow, there is always something much more exciting to tell of.  In this case it is of the death of Osama bin Laden.

Although a persons death isn’t usually what one would call good news, it is such a story that is of great news to many. The demise of such a man hasn’t caused people around me to show much excitement. Glad to hear it, yes, show how glad they are for bin Laden’s death? No. Maybe it is the nature of bin Laden’s death and how it could cause retaliation, maybe the fact that life won’t change much because of it.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Kui Xing and Zhu Yi

Of the gods, there’s the attendants of Wen Chang who are known as Kui Xing and Zhu Yi. One attendant is deaf while the other mute, although which attendant is what is unclear. Zhu Yi the god of school tests and examinations with Kui Xing of official documents and paperwork.

Zhu Yi is described as a kindly god who rewards effort in school. He is often depicted as an old man in red robes, his name Zhu Yi is said to even mean “Red Robe”.

The other attendant of Wen Chang is Kui Xing whose name means “Chief Star” and of an ugly appearance. Often depicted with his right foot on a giant turtle and with left foot supporting a ladle. Depictions of Kui Xing also are often holding a writing brush in hand and with his body filled with vigour. His birthday is on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

The story of Kui Xing is that originally he was a mortal who was highly talented yet had the misfortune of an ugly appearance. The emperor of the time wouldn’t allow his success due to his ugliness, so Kui Xing threw himself down a cliff and was saved by a dragon. It was being saved by the very dragon that caused him to become an attendant of the literary god Wen Chang. Now Kui Xing is the god of imperial examinations.