Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Peaches come in an array of varieties and choosing a specific type of peach to raise truly comes down to what one’s availability is. With the botanical name of Prunus persica, it is considered a plant not hard to grow with peach trees being a very rewarding plant to grow due to the fruit it produces. Peaches can be susceptible to disease and pests, with an open eye needed for any that come to be.
It should be noted that if one raises peach trees from seed it can be expected that the fruit from such plants to be of a different quality to the parent plant. Raising from seed truly involves luck.
If one does choose to grow peaches from seed, the whole pit can be planted. If the whole pit is planted, it is best to plant it in autumn. However, if one decides to crack open the hard shell the seed can be planted in spring. Planting multiple peach seeds is best to increase the likelihood of a peach tree sprouting.
Pruning of peach trees is best done in late winter. It helps keep the tree not only healthy and in a wanted shape, but also productive with its fruit. Any crossing branches should be pruned along with unneeded stems. The shorter new growth is best removed, while longer growth should be trimmed back.

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