Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lilly Pilly

Syzygium smithii is commonly called Lilly Pilly, with its former botanical name being Acmena smithii. A tree which can be used as hedging, it has ability to grow 6-18m tall and 3-10m wide. It grows small white flowers in the summer and bears small pink fruit that is edible.

Lilly pilly can grow in most soils, whether it is loam, sand or clay soil. It is able to grow in either full sun, half-sun or shade, giving allowance to grow in most gardens. Lilly pilly grows well near the sea, yet is not suitable to grow in areas that commonly have heavy frosts.

A naturally hardy plant that grows fast, but doesn’t tolerate drought or poor drying soils well. It fruits in autumn and winter, to which the fruit can be made into jams. Fruiting begins in two or three years, provided it is in full or partial sunlight.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Madness

Weather has been great in the last few days. Lack of sunshine and the skies has been filled with clouds that create wonder of when rain is to come. As fun as it is to look upon the skies and wonder, the world is not to end; at least not until late next year. Just as the world is to not end anytime soon, people are still going on with their daily business.

People do have jobs and have to earn a living. Students still have to learn and go to school. This brings on many joys if you just happen to be at the right place at the right time during the morning or afternoon of a Monday. “Monday Madness”, I think it is called.

To keep the short story short, an ever so lovely stranger was with a woman on the street and was in a lovely mood. The word ‘fuck’ covers his wide vocabulary, coming out in various forms within seconds of each other. What unenlightening words it was. As much happiness that comes from such delightful words, at least it is rarely seen or dealt with.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Rhiannon

Rhiannon is a Celtic and Welsh goddess, whose name means “Divine Queen” or “Great Queen”. She is a goddess of inspiration, horses and the moon, whom is also considered a mother goddess by some. Rhiannon is known to have married a mortal king or prince of Wales, Pwyll, and is mother of a hero called Pryderi.

Legends state that Pwyll witnessed the arrival of Rhiannon, who was riding a white horse, where the best horsemen are sent after Rhiannon. However, Rhiannon was able to stay ahead of these horsemen and after several days, Rhiannon tells Pwyll she would marry him then her fiancé, Gwawl ap Clud.

Later the two conceive a boy, but on the night of the birth the boy disappears and Rhiannon is accused of infanticide and cannibalism. Rhiannon is thought to have committed the act, but the child is cared for by a couple whom claim the child as their own but is eventually learnt to be the actual child of Pwyll and Rhiannon.

After Pwyll’s death, a man called Manawydan was taken as husband. Rhiannon is also said to possess birds with the ability to raise the dead and to put the living to sleep.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Totems: Eagle

The eagle is a bird found across the globe, with nearing sixty species of this bird to be found. Eagles are known for their physical strength and powerful eyesight and hearing, but its voice is small and weak.

This totem notes the sun and the greatness of it, with the eagle telling to be weary of giving too much focus on the night and moon. The sun is the source of incredible power and the eagle knows it.

Teaching to develop proper times to speak and how much to say. The eagle knows the greatness of the voice despite not having a large one, where this bird teaches that the voice is in itself great, even precious.

To be challenged and to allow to be challenged is of the eagle totem, where it is taught that continually challenging yourself is a positive aspect of life. It is from challenging oneself achievements can be obtained.

Connecting to the spiritual realms and staying connected to those realms is a teaching of the eagle. To the eagle, these realms are to be remembered and be kept in connection with.

Patience is considered a virtue, and as a bird of prey patience is needed by the eagle. Patience through some form of work is taught, whether it be finding or doing a job, doing a project or exercising for better health.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Persea americana is the botanical name of the Avocado which is also called the Alligator Pear. The fruit it grows is technically a large berry and the large single seed found within the berry can easily be grown.

The tree itself is a plant which is of need of no frost and little wind. High winds effects this self-pollinating plant. The leaves, bark, skin and pit is of toxicity, being able to kill animals when consumed.

With growing indoors the avocado needs to be next to a well-lit window, with wiping of leaves with a damp cloth needed to be done once a month. Liquid fertiliser will be needed in the spring and summer. Pruning and re-potting will be a constant need for the avocado; it is a plant which grows large. If grown indoors, do not expect this plant to fruit. Grown outdoors however, fruiting can be expected in about six years from a plant grown from seed.

The seed of the avocado can be treated to help propagation, where the avocado has three or four tooth picks stuck into it and is placed into a glass filled with water. The heavy side of the seed should be down and direct sunlight should be avoided.

In two to six weeks splitting should occur where roots and a sprout shall appear, if growth does not occur the seed should be thrown out. Once the stem has started growing, potting can be done. When potting is done, half the seed should be exposed. After being potted, plenty of sunlight is needed along with watering that is light and frequent.

Monday, November 21, 2011

One Of Those Days

Sometimes there are days when you just need to relax and watch some videos.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Shangdi

Shangdi, or Shang Di, is the deity whose name translates to ‘High Sovereign’ or ‘Lord on High’. Victory in battle, the fate of the kingdom, harvest and weather is determined by this god. Shangdi rules over a hierarchy of gods which control nature and spirits of the deceased. Due to ruling over the spirits of the deceased, Shang Di can be worshiped through the veneration of ancestors as ancestors accompany Shangdi.

Shangdi was thought of as the supreme god and considered too distant for worship. Over time, Heaven (or Tian) was preferred for worship. The Jade Emperor eventually came known as head of the celestial pantheon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Totems: Sparrow

The sparrow is a small bird that is also one proving to be a common one. A successful bird proving size does not matter, but however is considered a pest today by someone.

The sparrow teaches of self-worth, to ask if one knows about one’s self-worth. Just as self-worth is taught to be known, a healthy self-esteem, dignity and empowerment are taught alongside such. Self-worth has special emphasis to the sparrow.

Being able to communicate, especially though voice, is taught by the sparrow. Even if one is not the loudest, the sparrow knows that one does not have to be the loudest to communicate. To this totem, being able to communicate is of importance.

In survival, the sparrow gives help with one’s survival instincts. This is done through sharpening intuition to allow for better making of proper choices. Assertion is also taught to allow for better survival despite whatever circumstances.

The power of numbers is the lesson of the sparrow. Safety can be gained by numbers, and closeness within the group that is formed. Being within a group and being close to one another can be intimidating, allowing for safety from those unwanted.

To be idle physically and mentally is taught to be avoided. The sparrow teaches to be fastidious and productive, to help assist in obtaining a full and healthy life. Vigilance is what the sparrow lets be known and understands that it can be quite useful.

Creativity is another aspect of the sparrow which is taught by this totem. However, rather teaching to use creativity in artistic means, the sparrow teaches to use creativity to get around in life itself, to solve and avoid problems, to help get ahead in life, to prevention problems from arising.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Common Grape Vine

The Common Grape Vine is a woody deciduous climber with the botanical name of Vitis vineifera. It easily has potential to grow up to 10m high and 9m wide. It branches out, growing upon other plants and structures to support itself, so it is wise to be prepared in what one wishes the grape vine to grow upon.

Majority of grape vines are hermaphroditic and are able to self-pollinate. However, weather can affect the flowering process and thus cause many flowers to not fertilize. Flowering is expected in spring, where it gives off clusters of green flowers.

A sunny position is needed for this species of plant, with fertile and well-drained soil. Alkaline soil is of preference to the grape vine. Frost is also tolerated; with winter is also the time to prune back grape vines. Propagation is best done from cuttings, as growing from seed can bring unexpected and unwanted results along with taking a long period of time.

A variety of pests are a problem, with grape berry moth, grape flea beetle, grapevine beetle, sphinx caterpillar, grape root worm and the Japanese beetle all problems. Disease wise, downy mildew, powdery mildew and black rot are to be most looked out for.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dealing With Time Restraints

When it comes to time restraints, life can be quite the nuisance; especially if it is a one time event that will put usual rituals done daily out of place. A hard hitter if unprepared or don’t have the time to put the rituals aside whether it be religious, training, study or practice.

On a personal level, I do two daily devotions a day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. This also can be a challenge if anything needs to be done at the time of when the devotions typically happen, so knowing how to manage time is of importance. When what is normally done at a certain time of the day and something else is to be done at that particular time, it really is working around it one way or another. Events can be unexpected, so being prepared to do the norm at an unusual time, or if it is not vital, not at all, should be expected.

Within life, experience allows for understanding. Experiencing the stress of being restrained by time may be of great annoyance, but as it occurs time and time again stress becomes less of an issue.  Just as practice creates an increase in skill, dealing with the stresses of working around time restraints is turns into ease.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Tai Yi

Tai Yi is the supreme god whose name means “The Great Unity” or “Primordial Unity of Yin And Yang”, whom is also refered to as Taiyi Zhenren, where Zhenren means “True Person”. His attendants are a total of sixteen dragons, along with the Tai Sui. Also appearing in The Creation of the Gods, he is the teacher of the deity Nezha.

Originally ruling over all, the Jade Emperor took his place eventually. When the ruler of Heaven, he controlled the destiny of the earth; where he would use his attendants to inflict droughts, storms and the like to the mortal realm. The Lantern Festival is thought to originate because of Tai Yi, as it is the day most appropriate to ask for good weather and health from this deity (due to reports on the mortal realm would be given to Tai Yi before the new year).  Just as worship occurred on the Lantern Festival, it also occurred every fifteenth day of the lunar month.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Totems: Peafowl

The peafowl is a bird known for the feathers of the male. Highly beautiful, male feathers can be difficult to obtain. The feathers of such a bird of thought to have protective powers and can be used in healing.

The peafowl itself gives lessons to look at beauty of life, to enjoy it. Beauty can be found in all aspects of life as this totem teaches, from plant life to animal life. Beauty if often somewhere close in one form or another.

Just as there is beauty within life, the peafowl teaches to laugh at life. Laugher is called a medicine by some, a blessing for the sick. Laughter may be much needed in one’s life, or simply understood as a useful tool of life. Regardless, laughing at life is at times of need.

To stand with pride, but not to allow pride to take over one’s ego, is of the peafowl. There is nothing wrong with having pride or confidence, but it is a problem to be overly prideful and overconfident. The peafowl teaches to be prideful and confident without either being too prideful or confident.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kidney Weed

Kidney Weed, Kidney Grass and Mercury Bay Weed are the common names of Dichondra repens, a plant that can be used as a ground cover. While it can be used as a lawn, it should be noted that it requires full sun. Its common name of kidney weed comes from its kidney shaped leaves, with the width size of 3cm.

Kidney weed is a perennial which grows flowers throughout the year but mainly in spring and summer. The flowers produced are small in size and coloured green. Moist conditions are ideal for this plant, but can grow in dry shaded areas (although areas of full sun and dry soil are disliked).

As a ground cover, it typically only grows up to 10cm tall and 50cm in width.  This allows for a lack of mowing. Tolerance to being walked upon is low to moderate, and as such walking on it should be avoided.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Recent weather dictates warmer times, with summer to soon arise yet again. To go out more often is certain, with weather itself needed to be more cloudless. However fine the weather proves to be of now, an ad viewed several days ago still stays within my mind.

The topic of violence against women is well known in Australia, with an ad of such a subject being twice seen by me. Curiously, thanks to such ads promoting the prevention of violence against women, people seem to forget violence in general should be prevented. People do agree violence should be prevented, but people seem to agree especially of violence towards women.

Violence itself isn’t a topic that rarely comes up in conversation in my experiences, regardless, the few times it has provided interest. Those of high age tend to view violence as whole to be unacceptable, rather towards a specific person unacceptable (it be of a certain sexuality, gender, age or ethnicity). People younger, of youth, seem to view violence in regard to gender out of anything else. If against a female, regardless of being a kid or adult, it is not acceptable. Against men is of interest. Either violence as a whole is seen unacceptable, or against men specifically fine.  Why a few seem to think violence against men is acceptable has never been explained to me personally. Sadly those I knew who held such a view are no longer within my life.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Rulers of Hell

Feng Du is also referred to as the Chinese Hell, where there are multiple courts and rulers to each.  And for each ruler, there is also a specific wrong-doing they deal with done by people.

Qin Guang Wang is the ruler of the first court of Feng Du. It is Qin Guang Wang who decides whom gets to go right through Feng Du, or have to suffer through it for one’s wrong doings. Originally, Yen Lo Wang had the position of Qin Guang Wang, but Yen Lo Wang didn’t punish people as harshly and so Qin Guang Wang took over the position.

Qu Jiang Wang is the ruler of the second court of Feng Du. He punishes depravity and perversion by people. Those who have taken liberties with people’s lives (incompetent doctors, kidnappers, etc) are also punished by this god.

Song Di Wang is the ruler of the third court of Feng Du. He is the punisher of people whom have been drug addicts, blasphemers and murderers.

Wu Guan Wang rules over the fourth court. Forgers, counterfeiters, cheats and family matters are dealt with by this god.  He runs what is known as the Black Pool Hell, with the black referring to the deep red of blood.

The god of death and the ruler of the Fifth Court of Feng-Du (realm of the dead with all of the levels of Hells), Yen-Lo-Wang, was the formerly the King of the First Court of Hell but was accused of leniency. The Jade Emperor put another King of Hell in charge of judgement while putting Yen-Lo-Wang to the Fifth Hell. Yen-Lo-Wang is however not just in charge of what goes on in the Fifth Hell (gouging and boiling), but he himself rules over the whole of Feng-Du. Interestingly, the Great Sage Equalling Heaven, Sun Wukong, wiped his name out along with names of all the other monkeys known to him in the Book of Life and Death which granted them immortality much to Yen-Lo-Wang's displeasure.

Bian Cheng Wang takes care of the sixth court of Feng Du. Punishment for sexual sins are punished. Liars, gossipers and slanderers also are punished by Bian Cheng Wang, with bad hygiene also what this god deals with.

Tai Shan Wang takes control of the seventh court of Feng Du, dealing with arsonists, deceivers, terrorists and traitors.

Du Shi Wang rules the eighth court of Feng Du where those who betrayed their religion are punished. Du Shi Wang shows how ones family is doing before sending off to the ninth court.

Ping Deng Wang, ruler of the ninth court, looks at your case before sending you off to the tenth court.

Zhuang Lun Wang rules the tenth and final court of Feng Du. He decides your fate before allowing for rebirth. The goddess Meng Po is also there, ready to give her brew to cause amnesia.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Totems: Meerkat

The meerkat is a small animal known best for its stance it takes when being watchful. A group animal which highly rely upon each other for survive, with living life alone extremely difficult for meerkats.

This totem teaches how to live in the dynamics of a group. Working alone jobs can be done, but as a group multiple jobs can be taken at once allowing for stress to be put upon the shoulders of all rather individually. While the meerkat teaches how to live in group dynamics, it also teaches that it is okay to sacrifice oneself for the better of the very group.

One’s guard can easily be lowered. The meerkat warns against this, teaching to keep watchful of one’s surroundings. Danger, even if only potential, is still there. Keeping one’s guard up need to be kept up rather down

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Antirrhinum majus is the botanical name of Common Snapdragon, which is simply called snapdragon. Its common name comes from the reaction of the throats of the flowers being squeezed where the ‘mouth’, as it is called, snaps open.

It is a perennial plant, often treated as an annual, which grows typically half a metre to a metre but can grow up to two metres tall. Flowers come in a variety of colours, with flowering season often lasting late spring to autumn in most areas, but in warmer areas in spring and later in autumn. The flowers are hermaphrodite, with it being pollinated by bees and even by itself.
Regular watering and full sun is needed by snapdragons, with the pH of the soil best at 6.1 to 6.5 with sand to loam soils best enjoyed. Snapdragons can grow in heavy clay and nutritionally poor soils. It doesn’t mind having a light shade. A generally easy to grow plant.

Taller varieties of snapdragons may need staking, with some varieties also drought tolerant. Removing spent flowers also allows for the extending of flowering season. For propagation, by seed is often but cuttings from non-flowering stems is possible.