Monday, October 10, 2011

Flowers And Statues

Me being me, I decided to go out and have one of those lovely walks. It rids of time and allows for exercise to say the least. Of course one may be able to expect to see certain things, but some days don’t seem to wish to play in similar fashion. Of all days I ended up finding flowers that has been picked. It wasn’t simply one or two, but several dozen. Unusual to my eyes, but the colours proved to be of attraction.

One could go on about finding many picked flowers found in an area, but something a little nicer has been found. A statue of a Buddhist monk, its robe coloured red with black specs here and there and with skin golden. Misfortune came to the fact that the very statue seemed to have gotten a scrap on the back of its head, taking away some of the golden skin and leaving a pure white dent. Interesting find to say the least; luck had that I had my bag with me. Now the very statue is sitting within a bedroom, although what will happen to it seems uncertain.

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