Friday, September 30, 2011

Totems: Dingo

The dog of Australia is the dingo and is the largest carnivore of the country. The dingo is notably the only canine or feline of Australia. Dingos will hunt in packs to capture larger prey such as the kangaroo, but seem to have preference for food they can capture on their own, rabbits and rodents.
Different pitches and tones can give messages only subtle, but can give benefit if one responds to such with benefit. The dingo totem teaches to be able to read these subtle messages and reap the benefits of properly responding to them.
To be flexible and adaptable can prove to be of great worth, and the dingo knows it. Dingos are able to adapt to the situation at hand, and as such the dingo totem teaches to be able to be alike. Not only is flexibility and adaptability is taught, but to live within balance, within harmony, goes along in the dingos teaching.
Understanding the hierarchy and one’s place within it provides a lesson to be learnt from the dingo. To look at the dynamics of the group, to understand where one stands and how to maintain it. Even to improve one’s standing within the group is what the dingo notes.
Risks come up, and this totem teaches to take whatever opportunity to take whatever risks there are. Change and adaptation is needed at times, and the dingo teaches that one cannot allow for resistance. Changes are a part of life, just as taking risks are.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Corn, or maize, comes in a number of varieties which includes a number of colours. Corn is a grain but in cooking it is used as a vegetable or starch. It can also grow in a number of climates, allowing for it to be grown in many countries. Its botanical name is Zea mays.
Typically, the seeds of corn are sown in spring, but the seeds at the latest should be sown in early summer. Compost, liquid fertilisers and mulch is loved by corn. Wind can prove a problem to this specific plant, where wind can knock down corn if strong enough. This problem with wind can be revolved with the use of bamboo sticks and string.
Full sun and well drained soil is needed for corn. Corn also is wind pollinated, and can be fertilized by the corn of neighbours posing a possible problem of creating a sterile hybrid. Due to how corn is pollinated, it is suggested to grow the corn closely together in a block formation to help allow higher corn production. Water is a love of corn, and as such soil should be kept moist but avoid waterlogging.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Watching the morning news, a lovely surprise was told. Women are being granted the allowance to vote in Saudi Arabia. Busy with life and what goes on, I am still trying to fathom my thoughts on such a matter.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Tian Guan

Tian Guan is the god of good fortune and wealth, whom is commonly mistaken for another fortune god, Fu Xing, and vice-versa. The day of the Lantern Festival, the fifteenth day of the first month, is birthday of Tian Guan. All types of entertainment is enjoyed by this god, so on his birthday people entertain themselves as a way to say they wish for good fortune from Tian Guan.
Tian Guan is typically depicted standing and holding a scroll which says, “The Ruler of Heaven bestows good fortune”. Tian Guan is also known as the Ruler of Heaven and considered to be the deity of Heaven itself.
Legend states that Tian Guan holds a register of all the deeds, good and bad, which people have done.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eight Trigrams: Wind

The wind trigram is known as Xun, with being referred to also as ‘The Gentle’. Its upper and middle lines are unbroken while the lower is. Interestingly, Xun is associated with people that have broad foreheads. Other people associated with the wind trigram include eldest daughters and artists.
A representation of discipline and dedication to nature, the wind trigram is the one that asks if one is honouring nature. The eight trigrams are said to be able to be in harmony, and when Xun is in such humour and ability to laugh at human predicament is possible. Xun is the reminder to the abundance in life and how a small amount of one thing can turn into abundance.
The wind trigram is of the wood element, with its flavour sour and sense being of sight. Health wise, Xun deals with the liver and gallbladder. Dealing with nature, Xun is of interaction, upward movements, transformation and of course gentleness. Hairless animals are of the wind trigram, but so are chickens; for plants it is bamboo.
Xun’s colour is dark green while the season is late spring, The time of day is midmorning. Southeast is its direction in the Northern Hemisphere, northeast Xun’s direction in the Southern Hemisphere. Objects of the wind trigram are fans, rope and wind instruments.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Totems: Ox

The ox is an animal that has helped mankind, a working animal and still is in countries. There is still oxen raised for the purpose of pulling wagons and ploughing, with the ox the very beast with its ability to work without tiring.
The ox totem teaches the power of the work ethic. Work is a usual part of life and continuously will be such. Good work ethic is what this totem will teach along with the idea that giving service to another is not always bad.
To keep ones strength high along with determination is of the ox totem, teaching to stay strong and determined despite the situation. The situation may go foul, yet ones strength and determination shall allow for the ability to get through it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Daucus carota subspecies sativus, or carrots, is the well known root vegetable. It is considered one of the easiest vegetables to grow, although one has to be careful with the soil as if the soil is heavy clay, compacted or stony forking of the carrot will occur. Too much nitrogen in the soil also causes branching and hairy, fibrous roots. Both is something to watch out for.
Potassium allows for the carrot to be sweet, so plenty shall allow for sweeter carrots. Growing carrots with tomatoes is said to help tomato production and if left to flower carrots will attract predatory wasps that will attack multiple garden pests.
Carrots need full sun and fertile soils that is well drained. Although sun is loved, when carrot plants are younger, shade is enjoyed. If transplanting, be careful as carrots do not deal with transplanting well.
Carrots are a cool season crop and can tolerate a frost, taking four months to mature. Spring and summer are generally the time of year to sow carrots.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Snow Peas

In an earlier post made last month it was mentioned that I planted snow pea seeds that should have been planted before August 2007. To my luck such seeds have sprouted, and it appears I shall enjoy the chance to growing this plant once again. It has been a number of years since I have grown snow peas, so enjoying home grown snow peas will hopefully occur later on in the year.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Door Gods

Door gods are deities whose images are often placed upon each side of an entry to a temple, home or business to protect it from evil spirits. This custom began during the Tang Dynasty, started by the Emperor whom got his two most loyal generals during a night due to a troublesome ghost, and after resting well hung their images on either side of his bedroom door.
There are a number of door gods, but the two most known are Qin Qiong, or Qin Shubao, who is pale skinned and carries swords, and Yuchi Gong, or Yuchi Jingde, has dark skin and typically carrying batons. Another two door gods are immortals ordered by the Jade Emperor to guard peach trees that demons were gnawing at, they are known as Shen Shu (who wields a battle axe) and Yu Lei (who wields a mace).
There are two types of door gods, martial and literary. Martial doors gods are usually generals depicted in battle armour and wielding weapons, often their depictions are life sized. Literary door gods are the deities whom are often imaged by the doors facing inwards to the area to help with feeling peace in ones surroundings.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eight Trigrams: Thunder

The thunder trigram, or Zhen, is represented by having its upper and middle lines broken while the lower is not. Eldest sons, the aggressive and mentors are people of this trigram. The element of Zhen is of foot, where it concerns itself health wise of the feet and liver.
Zhen is known as “the Arousing” and “the Awakening”, relating to rapidity and quick movement. As it in connection to rapidity, it further relates to sudden illness. Birth and growth are associated with Zhen. Sudden anger is suggested whenever this trigram appears. With action it is of need, a warning to not sit about.
Teachers are indicated, to choose them wisely. Social interaction is important as Zhen tells, advising to avoid negative company. A trigram telling of a wake-up call, of how oneself is a spark to ones manifestation of life.
Sight is the sense of Zhen, with the sour flavour by its side. Bright green is its colour, wile young bamboo and reeds plants. Spring is time of year, with early morning time of day. Zhen’s direction is east for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Totems: Owl

Owls are quite the creatures, called even ‘cats with wings’ by some. It is able to go through even the darkest night and capture prey. Owls help keep rodent and insect populations in check.
Being associated with death and rebirth, the owl teaches that when something dies, it be an actual living creature or otherwise, it allows for the creation of something new. Out with the old and in with the new as it is said, and what the owl teaches.
To look at what one truly wants and need, along with the clearing with the old, is of what the owl teaches to do. This is for the allowance of what one can call self-liberation, to allow for the clearing of obstacles, limitations, fears and anxieties. Doing such means one shall die in a manner.
Balancing and getting what’s needed in proper amount is what the owl totem shall help with. As the owl keeps the populations of rodents and insects down, balance is created. The owl totem will teach to know how to create balance along with how to know what is needed.
To look beyond the “masks”, to see the lies, the owl totem gives teaching of looking beyond. The owl has powerful eyes and one will need metaphorical eyes to see beyond the “masks” placed onto the faces of others. Lies are abundant, and this may not be as obvious as one may think. The owl helps learn how to spot when a “mask” is worn and lies are told.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Common Mint

Mentha spicata is the botanical name of common mint. Rhizomes allow it to easily spread, and potentially become a weed in ones garden quite easily, thus making pots often essential.
It is a perennial plant that produces flowers in slender spikes with pink or white flowers. The leaves are opposite and up to 7cm long and 3cm wide and this Mentha grows typically up to 75cm tall. It can be used for a number of uses, flavouring teas, scenting candles and adding flavour to food.
Moist soil and partial shade is the need for Mentha spicata. In winter it dies down but will easily flourish in the other seasons with easy care. Rich soil and plenty of water is what is loved by this plant. Propagation is easy with cuttings, division and planting rhizomes all choices for getting more Mentha spicata.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ten Years

It has been already ten years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Its a certain wonder of how time has caught people off guard and the length of time since that fateful day.
To think on the morning news in Australia my father watched as the attacks were reported and my mother didn’t believe it at first when told upon awakening. A fear filled day it was for a number of people here in Australia. The atmosphere was filled with a surreal worry that day, most unusual for within a school…

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Dragon Kings

The Dragon Kings are guardians of rain, who under orders of the Jade Emperor send rain. These are the deities to go to if there is a water shortage in an area. Their true forms are of dragons, but take one human form. The four Dragon Kings are brothers.

Ao Kuang is the Dragon King of the East. The god Lu Ban once went to him to get a blueprint of his palace. Sun Wukong also went to him for a weapon, getting a cudgel. Despite Ao Kuang and Sun Wukong not getting along very well at first, their differences were settled later. He had a son called Ao Ping, who sadly was killed in battled with a being called Nezha.

Ao Chin is the Dragon King of the South. He once gave Sun Wukong a cap.

Ao Jun is of the West. He was once visited by Sun Wukong and later complained to the Jade Emperor about it.

Ao Shun is of the North. He once owned a pair of shoes great for stepping on clouds which was given to Sun Wukong. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eight Trigrams: Earth

The Earth, or Kun, trigram is a very feminine nature. It represents notably women, wives and mothers, while also herbalists, doctors and farmers. Of the five elements, this trigram is obviously of earth. The Earth trigram is sweet flavour and is of the sense known as taste. This trigram is elegant, soft, loyal and kind in nature.
The Earth trigram has three broken lines. Known also as “the Receptive”, symbolizing pure yin energy, of femininity. It is the most feminine of the trigrams. The Earth trigram is the reprehensive of the responsive energy of the universe, responding to the creative energies which the Heaven trigram has. Nurturing and yielding, it suggests to get in touch with ones emotions and to become stable, to be grounded.
Yellow is the colour of the Earth trigram, its animals being oxen, cows, sheep and ants, time of year being late summer while for day late afternoon. Religious communities and rural areas are the area/environment of the Earth trigram. Southwest is the direction of this trigram in the Northern Hemisphere while northwest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Totems: Bee

Bees are symbols of fertility and it is no surprise that they are so, for they help with pollination which is needed for many plants to seed and further on continue their species. The honeycomb that bees make is a lovely reminder of the sweetness of life and even said to be the symbol of the heart.
The bee totem teaches to be fertile, or rather productive. Work is important, and the bee understands; reminding of its importance. While work is of importance, the bee teaches to not become a workaholic. Examination at ones level of productivity and how busy one is the bee asks of.
As stated, the bee teaches to not become a workaholic, yet it is taught that to stay on task is needed. There is time to mess about. When working there likely isn’t and the bee teaches that if work requires no messing about, then there shouldn’t be such.
Keeping the house tidy is needed as this totem teaches. The bee tells that having a clean house is important. To keep it tidy will be a chore, but one that allows to have the house itself look a lovely place to live.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


With a botanical name of Spinacia oleracea, it is an annual that is of risk of a number of fungal diseases due to cool and wet weather it lives in. Aphids are also a problem to this plant. Spinach is a heavy eater of nutrients, which can pose some difficulties when growing.
Spinach is the plant to start growing in winter, where it can survive the cold very well. It can be needy in drainage as spinach loves it to be fantastic. Depending on the variety of spinach grown, it is suggested that is grown in either full shade, partial shade or full sun.
It is an overall easy to grow plant, especially in the cooler climates. Loving moist soil but disliking acidic soil, a pH to grow spinach in is 6.3 to 6.8. Spinach is ready for harvest roughly after two months, but with some spinach it may be ready as soon as forty days. The whole plant can be harvested if wished, or even before maturity for whatever use it may be.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Politics tend to be kept away from this blog for the reason that it can be a touchy subject. However, the very topic came up recently for me. To put it blunt, the Australian government isn’t exactly viewed in a positive manner. The discussion wasn’t long but it involved several people, despite it being so short it is clear the image of the Australian government and its politicians is viewed poorly.
One noted their distaste for politics in the news, describing it as bombardment of news itself. Politics is annoyingly featured on news time and time again. Although understandable that politics gets features in news, it seems people are tired of it having gain feature. As fun as it is to turn on the television to watch the news and see what tragedy has occurred, politics seems to be another depressing tragedy mentioned amongst others.
Nothingness is what of occurrence in government as one claims, another states that actions are taken with a mess the result. It could be even said a mixture of both is done; waffling surely is the politicians way. Much can be done by politicians, yet so little seems to be achieved. Nothing, almost. At certain points it seems to be pure insanity.
Saddening to think that the government of a country is not satisfying the people of its land.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Tlaloc

Tlaloc is the Aztec god of rain and fertility who has the power to send hail thunder and lightning. Tlaloc’s name means He Who Makes Things Sprout.
Specifically, Tlaloc is the lord of the third sun, which was destroyed by fire. Tlaloc was appeased with child sacrifices. The goddess Atlatonan was ritually drowned to this god, whom was known as the “Daughter of Tlaloc”.
He is the father of the moon god Tecciztecatl and has an older sister known as Huixtocihuatl who is a fertility goddess ruling over salt and salt water. Tlaloc was originally married to the goddess of flowers, Xochiquetzal, but she was kidnapped and later married another goddess, Chalchiuhtlicue.
Tlaloc also rules over the fourth layer of the Upper World, or Heavens, where it is a place of unending spring and of many green plants. Tlalocan is the name of the fourth layer of the Upper World. This Upper World was where people came if they died violently from lightning, drowning, water borne diseases and other water relating ways to die.
Tlaloc wears a mask that is goggle eyed and with jaguar fangs, although he has blue skin like his mask. He wears foam sandals and a crown made of the feathers of heron feathers. Rattles are also carried to make thunder. Tlaloc is called by some Nahuatl, yet he is also a feared god for he can cause floods and drought.
Tlaloc is believed to live in caves within mountains, where treasures are protected. Four clay jars are also kept by this god, all filled with water. If the first jar is broken, it caused rain. The second, when broken, causes diseases. The third caused frost and the forth caused complete destruction.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eight Trigrams: Heaven

Heaven is the trigram consisting of three solid lines. The Heaven trigram is much male dominated, representing the father, senior males, emperors, kings, wise men, and certain people that is generally thought of as male such as presidents, commanders, monks, saints, hermits, goldsmiths and police. Health wise Heaven is represented by the head and lungs, of the metal element, autumn the time of year, evening being time of day and described as a pungent flavour. White is the colour of Heaven, with bright colours also holding true.
Generally, the Heaven trigram is of good fortune. It is associated with geometric patterns and in Feng Shui with people whom are helpful, to be selfless. Heaven is of gratitude for all, be it positive or negative.
Northwest is the direction of the Heaven trigram in the Northern Hemisphere while the direction in the Southern Hemisphere is southwest. This trigram is of a just nature, its forceful and rigid, of power and dignity. Horses, dragons, lions, elephants, bears and cranes are the animals of Heaven, with the plants being chrysanthemums, pines and lotuses.
Items made of metal are of Heaven, while parliaments, temples, fortresses, ancestral halls and altars places of the very trigram. It is this trigram that is known as The Creative and of pure Yang energy. Heaven is of the divine, the energies of the cosmos that brings myriad of things into what is called being. Heaven can be seen as morally strong and religious. In politics it is of peace, in agriculture a successful and abundant harvest.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Totems: Wolf

Wolves are the canids so much loved today, although in the past it has been much feared. Many stories surround the wolf, from their relation to the founding of Rome to the dangerous werewolf. The wolf is perhaps one of the more common totems.
The wolf teaches of the power of sharing knowledge. It can be of great benefit, or at least a slight help. Sharing knowledge is useful regardless of how helpful the knowledge given is. Knowledge itself is a powerful asset, so why hide it?
Lack of success and plenty of disappointment is what is to be expected, and the wolf realises this. It is taught that little success and disappointment is normal, something to expect rather not to. It is those around in ones life that is of more importance, over success.
To endure, to continue to have strength and to have perseverance through sadness, loss and whatever that may put one down is the lesson the wolf readily reminds. Life is harsh, and the wolf realises this, teaching to keep on going even of the hardest of times. Nobody can stop all that makes one feel grief, so having strength is of great use.
Balance between solitude and socialising is of need as the wolf notes. Too much or little of either and problems can arise. Balance of the two allows balance of what is needed in what one can gain in being of solitude and being social.