Monday, January 22, 2018

The Hanged Man

This particular card is worthwhile paying good attention to as this card acts as a warning in both upright and reverse positions. Upright the card tells of a time to change your position, a period where a personal sacrifice or sacrifices may be very needed.
In the reverse position it tells that selfishness, arrogance and the ego needs to be kept in check. It also notes a period of time to learn how to make personal sacrifices.

Monday, January 15, 2018


Justice, being thankfully one of the easier to read cards is also one of the cards you probably should pay careful attention to. Upright the card tells to exercise fairness and that the truth shall be revealed.
In reverse the card obviously refers to injustice, a time of bias and a lack of perspective.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Wheel of Fortune

With the nature of tarot cards this is one you would want to see upright in many situations. Upright the card speaks of unexpected success and a time when problems are being solved.
In rever the Wheel of Fortune is a card that speaks of an unfortunate period; one filled with bad luck. The card warns of a turn for the worse.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Chinese Mythology: An Introduction by Anne Birrell

With this book being an introduction, it is very much straightforward with what the subject matter is on and focuses more on the lesser known gods. For this, it is much appreciated and its academic style is easy to understand making it great to read for those just beginning to learn about Chinese mythology.

There are also numerous references to ancient Chinese texts within its pages, to which at the end of the book a list of all the texts referenced in the book itself with its name in English and what it is called Chinese but with English letters. This is invaluable for such a book as this with plenty of books referenced, making it not a needed thing to have to go through the book again just to find a particular text brought up at one point or another.

For all that is mentioned above I love the book for it. I've already heard many stories on Sun Wukong, Guan Yu, Jade Emperor and Guanyin from other books on Chinese mythology so seeing a book that has little to nothing on them is rather refreshing and is different, especially when there are two classic Chinese books I can read to learn about them, even if just a bit.

Sunday, December 31, 2017


This particular card is interesting to have appear in a reading as in its upright position it tells of the need for discretion and thinking things through. Withdrawal may be needed in such a time.
In reverse the card tells that wisdom will go unheeded and warns of immaturity and impulsiveness.

Sunday, December 24, 2017


Strenth in tarot is a rather easy to understand card alike to the Lovers card. The upright position in a reading is simple in its meaning, speaking of that virtue triumphing and to be steadfast.
In reverse the card is rather negative, telling of loss of opportunities and a lack of courage..

Sunday, December 17, 2017


The Chariot is a card you want to see in the upright form, being strong in with its meaning telling of greatness from hard work and a goal is in sight. Hard work is going to be a needed thing.
In reverse the card warns of illness, restlessness and particularly of halted progress.