Friday, October 28, 2011

Totems: Squirrel

Squirrels are little mammals proving to be a common sight to many. Of the land it calls home it is also common for it to be found in one’s own garden, and even taking its time to use houses to their advantage whatever way it may be.

The lesson of balance is of the squirrel. One can easily prepare to little or too much, and as such the squirrel teaches to find a balance in one’s own life. In gathering and giving out, balance must also be learnt as the squirrel tells.

In extension of balance, knowing time to play is what this totem teaches, to be able to lighten up and to not take life so seriously; to know how to have a good time. Just as there is time for work, there is time for fun. Enjoying life is what the squirrel teaches.

Preparedness is of need as the squirrel notes. Change may be soon or of a distance, but is to come regardless. Being prepared is of importance, with properly getting prepared of need. Preparedness may not be needed immediately, but surely will be a need.

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