Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Pan Jin Lan

Pan Jin Lian is the goddess of forication and prostitution, whom is also known as P’an Chin Lien. Highly beautiful, Pan Jin Lian married a short man known as Wu Dalang, whom the couple had moved from one residence to another to avoid gossip.

When Pan Jin Lian and Wu Dalang moved to a place called Yanggu, where Wu Dalang met his brother Wu Song (whom became famous for killing a man eating tiger with his bare hands). Wu Dalang introduced his wife to Wu Song. Pan Jin Lian became attracted to her brother in law and attempted to seduce Wu Song, but was rejected.

Wu Song took an assignment to transport gold to another country to avoid the advances of Pan Jin Lan. After the completion of the assignment, Wu Song learns his brother has died from an apparent illness. Suspicious, Wu Song had taken investigations. It was learnt through these investigations that Pan Jin Lan had an affair with a rich and lustful merchant called Ximen Qing.

Wu Song also learnt how Pan Jin Lan murdered Wu Dalang and became the fifth mistress of Ximen Qing. Taking matters into his own hands, Wu Song got a confession out of Pan Jin Lan and murdered her. Ximen Qing was later fought and killed by Wu Song.

It was through these events that Pan Jin Lan became a goddess, with her murderer not being punished due to what Pan Jin Lan had done herself.

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