Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Strawberries are commonly grown within gardens. They are perennials, but do get treated as annuals by some, with its fruit not being an actual berry but rather something known as an accessory fruit. Interestingly, the strawberry is a hybrid species with a botanical name of Fragaria x ananassa.

A sun lover, it is best to grow the strawberry in well drained sandy or loamy soil. Propagation of the strawberry is quite simple; they have runners which over time and under the right conditions can take over a garden. If one does not have a strawberry plant, they are easy to find in nurseries and garden centres. Weeds can prove to be a problematic competitor to strawberries if allowed to grow, so rid of any weed as soon as possible.

Pest wise, any small creature will tend to have a go at strawberries. Birds, mice, and rabbits will all take strawberries, but slugs can be an issue. Mesh can be used to deal with birds and small mammals, while with slugs one can use a repellent or the classic beer in a saucer, although one may be careful using beer as some animals may drink it.

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