Saturday, October 8, 2011

Eight Trigrams: Fire

The trigram of fire, or Li, is represented by unbroken upper and lower lines while the middle line is. Middle daughters and women aged between sixteen and thirty are represented by this trigram. Being the trigram of fire, its element is obviously of fire. Red and purple happens to be the colour of Li.

Known as “The Clinging”, this trigram is of heat and light. It is also of representation of intellect and illumination.  Li tells of awareness and clarity, of how one is subjected to the influences of the earth. The fire trigram is in relation to liberation of the self, of one’s true nature.
Health wise, Li is of the eyes, tongue, heart, small intestines and the circulatory system. Its specific sense is smell while flavour bitter. All birds that fly, along with animals with hard shells and specifically the peacock are animals of the fire trigram.

The maple tree, cherries, roses and hollow trees in general are plants of this trigram. Noon is its time of day, while midsummer the season. Its direction is south in the Northern Hemisphere and north in the Southern Hemisphere.

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