Friday, September 30, 2011

Totems: Dingo

The dog of Australia is the dingo and is the largest carnivore of the country. The dingo is notably the only canine or feline of Australia. Dingos will hunt in packs to capture larger prey such as the kangaroo, but seem to have preference for food they can capture on their own, rabbits and rodents.
Different pitches and tones can give messages only subtle, but can give benefit if one responds to such with benefit. The dingo totem teaches to be able to read these subtle messages and reap the benefits of properly responding to them.
To be flexible and adaptable can prove to be of great worth, and the dingo knows it. Dingos are able to adapt to the situation at hand, and as such the dingo totem teaches to be able to be alike. Not only is flexibility and adaptability is taught, but to live within balance, within harmony, goes along in the dingos teaching.
Understanding the hierarchy and one’s place within it provides a lesson to be learnt from the dingo. To look at the dynamics of the group, to understand where one stands and how to maintain it. Even to improve one’s standing within the group is what the dingo notes.
Risks come up, and this totem teaches to take whatever opportunity to take whatever risks there are. Change and adaptation is needed at times, and the dingo teaches that one cannot allow for resistance. Changes are a part of life, just as taking risks are.

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