Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Raido is the rune of the sun, ruling over the hour of 16:30 to 17:30 and the fortnight of 29th of August to the 13th of September. Frey is the deity of Raido, the very rune which means ‘honour’. It as believed that a cartwheel rolling across the sky was the sun, making Raido the rune of carts, transportation and horses. Mugwort is the herb of Raido, while goats the animal and oaks the tree of this rune.
When Raido appears upright in divination, journeys are likely. Such journeys can be of the world, or of the self. Using one’s judgement and acting in honour is important. Rather rely on advice, personal judgement will be needed. Travelling might also be of difficulty, but the rewards gained by doing so will be worthwhile.
Inverted, Raido tells of plans being disrupted. Long-term intentions shouldn’t be abandoned. Short-term problems may be an issue. It is an overall troublesome time, it may not be the best time in life but it certainly won’t last.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Garlic, botanical name Allium sativum, is the plant great at keeping aphids away, so it is popular to grow this plant near plants susceptible to aphid attacks. Magically this plant is known to be used in magic related to endurance, speed, strength, protection and even warding off evil.
Cloves are also only what’s needed for growing this plant, so when buying cloves at a store it is advised to buy organic garlic as it is more likely to grow. The leaves of this plant can also be consumed, which will grow back when cut.
Garlic is a biannual which should be planted around winter. Each clove should be planted a few cm under ground and eight to ten cm apart, with the pointed end of clove facing upwards. The ground the garlic is growing in should be kept moist, and the ideal pH is around 6.5.
Sunny and well drained areas are best to grow garlic. Weeds are best to rid of when they appear near garlic due to this plants dislike of competition.
This plant is ready to harvest when foliage has died off mostly or completely.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Giving offerings is a common practice. Done for various reasons, to build relationships with deities, to show respect, to get on and to maintain on a good side. If food and liquids are offered, it is generally not to be consumed out of respect. What cannot be consumed tends to be left alone, not taken back, again out of respect.
Incense offerings are often given, and one of the most common offerings given. It is no surprise that I give incense offerings and on a regular basis. Taking time to think, offerings of water, soy milk, various flowers (lavender, kangaroo paw, grevillea, soursob, eucalyptus) and fruits (apple, banana, orange, mandarin) are given.
Maybe variety is a good thing, especially with flowers and fruit. Various tastes and smells to be enjoyed. Flowers also add a nice look to alters even if of offering. The fragrance of flowers is always lovely to be able to smell near alters, gives a relaxing feel.
Reading about what others give as offerings, bread, honey, water and milk seem to be popular offerings to give. Regardless of how often one may read how a certain offering is given by a multitude of people, a good idea or two can be gotten of what to give as an offering. It helps, even if slightly.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Tu Er Shen

Tu Er Shen, or Rabbit Deity/God, is the god of homosexuality and homosexual affections. A temple has notably been made to Tu Er Shen after a Taoist priest made spiritual contact with the very god in 2005. The temple is known as Rabbit Temple.
Tu Er Shen is the god to go to when looking for a homosexual lover, rather to the matchmaking god Yue Xia Lao Ren (who doesn’t deal with matchmaking same sex couples). Tu Er Shen will help followers in any aspect of life. It should be noted that during worship Tu Er Shen should be respectfully addressed Ta Yeh or Master, rather then Tu Er Shen or Rabbit Deity/God, due to how the term ‘rabbit’ is slang for homosexual.
Tu Er Shen was originally known as Wu, or Hu Tien Bao, who was a young official. A handsome and intelligent man, he had affections for another man. Upon being caught peeping on the man through a bathroom wall, Tu Er Shen confessed his love to which he was beaten to death.
A month passed until appearing in a dream of a man from his hometown, explaining what had happened after death. It was explained how Tu Er Shen’s unjust death was righted by being appointed by the gods of the underworld as protector and god of homosexuals. A shrine was erected in honour of Tu Er Shen and worship became popular.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Scorpio is a feminine sign of the water element. The eighth sign of the zodiac which is negative and fixed. Pluto is the planet of Scorpio, with Mars being also considered the planet of this sign. Dark red is the colour of the sign, with opal the stone.
Scorpio’s are born between October 24th and November 22nd.
Scorpio’s are powerful people who are determined. Emotional and passionate, intuitive with a forceful side. It is the Scorpio who are secretive people, having a jealous side. Such people can be obsessive and compulsive.
With a great reasoning powers which is partnered with creativity and imagination. Scorpio’s can be rebellious in nature. It is this sign that is the sex symbol, with Scorpio’s being the passionate lover. Intense feelings is of what this sign feels.
Scorpio’s are able to take up any job they wish and do great at it. Any and all jobs is what’s suggested for Scorpio’s, due to the gifted ability to take up any job well.
Persistent in nature, presenting an unemotional air to the world. Scorpio’s ca seem very much cool and detached. Being deep and intense people, there is more to Scorpio’s than apparent. This is a sign of extremes and intensity.
These people are the kind who dominate and control others they view to be weak or anyone who allows them. On the other hand, Scorpio’s are those who treat those close and respected amazingly with kindness, generosity and loyalty.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Totems: Koala

The well known eater of eucalyptus leaves is the koala, whom sleep much of the day due to their diet. Thanks to their diet, koalas do not usually need to drink. It is such an animal that is widely recognized.
Taking time to relax is important as the koala teaches. Many people will not relax and simply stress out without thinking. Relaxation is needed in all life, one cannot simply work twenty-four seven without rest.
Tree magic and tree worship is notably of the teaching of the koala. To be in more forests, to plant a tree or two every so often. Being in trees is what the koala promotes.
Being a solitary animal, the koala is quite comfortable being on their own and being their own company. The koala teaches how it is okay to be in solitude, and that is okay to spend time only in ones company.
Good sleep is important, although many do neglect sleeping for various reasons. It may be work to late hours, partying or studying for school (especially for exams). Regardless, sleep is important and the koala takes note of this. Lessons on the importance of sleep is likely.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Ansuz rules the hour of 15:30-16:30 and the fortnight of 14th to 29th of August. Ansuz has the meaning of ‘Trials’ and ‘Divine inspirations’. The god of Ansuz is Odin himself. The mouth and speech is very much associated with this rune, with Ansuz also referred to as some as the ‘god rune’.
During divination, if Ansuz appears upright it is be expected fast changing situations to appear. Due to the fast changing situations it is easy to not know how to proceed, where dreams are suggested to be used as guidance. A person who is helpful might also become a prominent person in ones life.
Inverted, Ansuz might just be telling of a loss of voice either literally or symbolically. Communication is of concern as it will become more difficult. Problems with parents and the older generation is of likelihood.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


With the botanical name of Organum vulgare, oregano is a perennial herb closely related to marjoram and referred to some as wild marjoram. In colder climates, this plant dies off in the winter and thus grown as an annual but potted oregano can avoid dying off by being brought inside during the winter.
Magical properties of this plant includes of health, good luck, happiness and protection. Planting oregano around ones house is good for protection.
Oregano makes good use in sauces, soups and pizza. Oregano deters pests common to beans and broccoli, making oregano a great companion plant.
Growing oregano is easy and can be done both indoors or outdoors, in pots or in the ground. This herb is a ground cover gaining encouragement to grow when cut back. Full sun and well drained soil is what oregano needs. Such pests as spider mites and aphids should have an eye out, but usually pests aren’t a problem.
Oregano can be grown simply by seeds, and once this has happened it is easy to get cuttings to produce more plants. Division of an oregano is very much possible. If one is unable to get seed to start growing oregano, it is easy to get oregano through many nurseries.
Propagation should be in spring, with seed germination roughly between one to two weeks although can take many more weeks. Four to six seeds per pot is ideal.
Preferring a pH of 6.0 to 9.0, oregano prefers the range from 6.0 to 8.0. Sandy and dry soil is also of preference.

Monday, June 20, 2011

News Entertainment

Curiosity is lovely when it comes to the wonder of what is being reported on the news. Being a person whom is not a fan of politics or reports about royals and celebrities, watching the news has became avoided. Always lovely to be able to get amusement over insignificant reports.
The reports on the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and how her clothing is being worn more than once is absurdly amusing. Its amazing enough that such a thing is being reported as news, let alone still getting plenty of pointless attention.
There are apparently people who love to keep a close eye on the royals that are “horrified” about Kate wearing clothes more than once…Ah…the hilarity… Reality certainly has some cheerfully entertaining moments.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gods and Goddesses: Thoth

With the head of an ibis and body of a man, Thoth is the god of the moon, wisdom, knowledge, the arts, science, music, astronomy, speech and letters. Sometimes depicted with a baboon head but most often an ibis. It is said that Thoth maintained the universe and stood on one side of the boat of the god Ra (with the goddess Ma’at standing on the other).
The goddess Ma’at is the wife of Thoth, with the goddess Seshat said to be either wife or daughter of Thoth. The ibis and baboon are sacred animals of this god.
Other names for Thoth includes Tetu, Tahuti and Thot.
Thoth works in the underworld, where he questions the souls of the dead about their deeds in life before their hearts are weighed. Being a moon god also, it is not uncommon to see Thoth depicted with a crescent moon on his head.
Thoth serves as the scribe of the gods and makes sure neither good or evil had a decisive victory over another. It is believed to be the master of physical and divine law. Credit goes to this god for the alphabet, reading, writing, oratory, civilized government, theology, botany, geometry, mathematics, numbers, astrology, astronomy, and the calculations of the establishment of the heavens, stars, earth and everything within. Thoth is also the notable author of the Book of the Dead.
In making sure that good or evil doesn’t overcome the other, Thoth has watched three battles between gods where if one got injured Thoth would heal one to prevent good or bad taking over the other. The three battles Thoth witnessed was originally between the gods Ra and Apophis, later on Heru-Bekhutet and Set, then finally being Horus and Set.
Tales of a ‘Book of Thoth’ are around, a sacred book allowing whomever read it to become the most powerful magician in the world. The Book of Thoth said to be written by Thoth’s own hands, to which the secrets of the gods themselves were written within the book. However, pain and tragedy would be brought upon those who read the book.
There are several stories of how Thoth came to be. One states that Thoth is self-created through the power of language, another says he is the son of the god Ra. One story tells how Thoth sprang from the head of the god Seth.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Being the seventh sign, Libra is the scales. This sign is considered masculine, positive, of the four cardinal signs and of the element of air. The colour of Libra’s is blue, and their stone being the sapphire. Libra’s ruling planet is Venus.
Libra’s are born between September 24th and October 23rd.
Libra’s are quite the romantic sign, being also sociable people who are easy going and usually peaceful. Even charming idealistic, with a flirtatious side to them. While intelligent, Libra’s are easily influenced and gullible.
These people are great thinkers and make great artists. Due to their more creative side, it is no surprise that having a job that requires creativity is a good job for Libra’s. Due to Libra’s being people who enjoy justice, jobs that involve justice also make good jobs for these people.
Libra’s can be a little lazy, but generally energetic people who can make a good first impression. Libra’s are who are to be able to make a good judgement and have an even temper. It is the Libra who is loving and often compassionate.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Totems: Australian Magpie

The Australian magpie is a bird which sings with a lovely voice, and it is its singing that this bird is well known for. The black and white plumage is what it this bird is also known for. Such a bird is also known to swoop at people, leading to some parks having warning sign during their breeding seasons.
Protection of one’s home is of the lessons of the magpie. One’s home is often called one’s castle, with one’s belongings within it, something worth protecting. Security and feeling secure is important, and one does need to take some measure to feel safe.
The magpie teaches to turn weakness into strength. Everyone has weaknesses, it cannot be denied. Such weaknesses can be turned into strengths, thus bringing benefits.
Being a vocal bird, it is no wonder the magpie teaches the power of song. It can be listening to song or even singing one. Songs can bring on many emotions and can spread many a message, whatever the emotion or topic may be.
To watch out for attack the magpie teaches, for those around you can always give a surprise with aggression. It is not only others that should have an eye kept on them, as one should take care attacking others behind their very backs.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Thurisaz is the rune which takes on the representation of a thorn, even of a knife or fang. It rules over the hour of 14:30 to 15:30 and the fortnight of 29th July to 14th of August. This rune means “Boundaries” and the god associated with Thurisaz is Thor. The name of this rune is said to be the ancient title of the thunder god Thor, even the form of the rune itself is said by some to represent the hammer Thor possess.
To know one’s own limits is important, when Thurisaz appears upright during divination further importance on knowing one’s limits is needed. An upright Thurisaz even tells how hasty decisions made will be decisions worth regretting in the future. There is an indication that betrayal may be near, or at least having to defend oneself.
While inverted, Thurisaz tells that if there is doubt in action that such action should not be taken. Hasty acts is even suggested to have plenty of time to be fixed. Pausing to think of one’s situation is also of suggestion, as reflecting before cautiously proceeding will help.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Roses are well known for their variety of flowers and their association to love. Roses make good use in love spells, but can be also be used for beauty, harmony, psychic, healing and luck spells. It is most often love spells to which roses are used. Roses can be made into wands and even into bonsai.
Roses is a shrub that typically grows 1.5m to 2m tall, loving sunny positions, rich organic soils and well-drained soils. There are fertilizers which are specifically for roses, and should be used as directed.
Spent flowers and dead wood should be removed as they occur.
If one is to grow roses companion plants is a great idea as it helps deal with pests and makes a garden look better. A few good companion plants for roses are lavender, garlic, and chives.
It should be noted that such pests roses have to deal with is aphids, thrip and green caterpillars. Diseases roses have to deal with are mildew and black spot.
Pruning is great to flower lovers as it promotes not only to encourage new growth but also an abundance of flowers in spring. Pruning should be done annually, and what is cut back should be thrown out to help prevent pests and disease.
The ideal time to prune roses is in winter, although in colder climates pruning is better to be done at the end of winter. Although for rose bushes that flower in late winter or early spring, pruning is to be delayed until flowering has ended, usually late spring or early summer.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Teenagers Are Weird

As fun as it is to be around arguing teenage girls, I have to remember that it is not only teenage girls who can make comments that can be considered weird, unusual or plainly amusing. While the great part of talking to people is that silly yet memorable comments can be said… Yet hearing a teenaged boy state having no friends is great due to having to buy no presents is one of the more amusing comments I have heard this year.
As fun as it is to also hear teenaged girls talk publicly and loudly about how they “cannot live” without mobile phones, hearing something memorable from a teenaged boy is a little different considering how rare it is. Only if I heard more amusing words from teenaged boys…

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Liu Hai

Liu Hai is the god of wealth and prosperity who is depicted sitting upon a large three-legged toad known as Chan Chu. He was a minister and alchemist during the tenth century, becoming friends with Chan Chu so associated with.
Liu Hai is one who is often seen with the three-legged toad Chan Chu, and when the toad is not to be seen Liu Hai would use a string of coins to bait Chan Chu back. Liu Hai is said to even go to the local pond and fish the toad out with a coin tied to a string,
Story states that the two met due to Chan Chu causing havoc in the country side and Liu Hai used his sword to stop Chan Chu. The very toad lost his leg and gave servitude to Liu Hai, the two because inseparable.
Statues of Liu Hai sitting on the three-legged toad Chan Chu is commonly used in Feng Shui. Placement of statues would be in the living room and near the entrance door.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Being ‘the virgin’ or ‘the maiden’, the sixth sign Virgo is a ‘negative’ and mutable sign. Virgo is of the element of earth and ruled by the planet Mercury. Green and dark brown are the colours of Virgo, with the sardonyx being stone.
Those who are Virgo are born between August 23rd and September 23rd.
Such people can be quite modest, even shy. Such people are however very reliable people to go to, making great friends. Virgo’s can be very worrisome people, and at times harsh. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Virgo’s are also at times overcritical.
Dignity and charm comes with those who are Virgo and in love affectionate. Just as they make good friends, Virgo’s make good spouses and even parents thanks to their affectionate nature.
The mind of those Virgo needs to continually get stimulus of practical problems that needs to be solved, rather having a routine. It is also intellect and ingenuity which Virgo’s contain. Virgo’s notably make good doctors, nurses and musicians.
Some people may even suggest to Virgo’s to become critics due to the pickiness and critical nature of Virgo. Virgo’s are also naturally practical, sharp minded and have great attention to detail. The attention to detail can be compared to the great eyesight of the hawk, or simply being cautious.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Totems: Donkey

An animal with a not so great reputation, yet great for taking the burden of weight of the back of people. It’s the donkey, and originally such a creature was a status symbol for their owners.
Donkeys are known to be able to get themselves out of situations, so it is not a surprise that the beast of burden teaches to question what is giving a challenge. When there is teaching of what is giving challenges, there is also the teaching of how to get progression and safely. Safety may not be the greatest of concerns, but it does help with avoiding unnecessary pain and conflict.
Donkeys won’t do what is seen as dangerous, for they trust their intuition. The donkey teaches of how one’s intuition should be trusted, how it should be listened too.
Patience and humility are considered virtues and desirable traits to have. To be both patient and humble is taught, along with being a responsible person. Being patient, humble and even responsible may not be on peoples lists of what to be, yet being so can avoid looking like an idiot or doing something stupid.
Carrying a load doesn’t have to always be alone, one can always get help. This is what the donkey totem gives lessons on, while a load may get carried for some time before help is given, strength and endurance is always around. Help may not be immediate, it may be embarrassing to get, but as long as there is someone close, there is always someone to help.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


From the fortnight of July 14th to July 29th and hour of 13:30 to 14:30 it is the time of the rune Uruz. This rune is the one meaning ‘ferocity’ and is of masculine power. Uruz is very much related to the now extinct bulls known as the auroch. The auroch bull is said to be the divine in association with Uruz. Male gods are also associated with this rune, especially with Thor.

If you need added vitality, you know when Uruz appears upright in divination that it is a good omen. However, respect to this vitality must be respected as regret may appear due to using too much force thanks to the very vitality.
Overcoming obstacles is what Uruz tells of, it however must be remembered that intelligence must be used along with strength.

An inverted Uruz tells of weakness, of fatigue either physical or mental. Health issues might be what needs to be taken a good look at, or even a review and change of lifestyle. Being overwhelmed by events might what Uruz suggests and care should be taken.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Cute

Just what would I do without YouTube and its kitten videos?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gods and Goddesses: Guan Yu

Patron to police officers, god of war, martial arts and even literature, Guan Yu is the mortal who appeared in Romance of the Three Kingdoms and later became a god. His appearance includes a long beard and a red face, with a green robe worn over body armour. Guan Yu is often depicted stroking his beard and with his weapon called Green Dragon, a halberd like weapon known as a ‘guan dao’.
Guan Yu is refered as “Saintly Emperor Guan” and “Guan Gong” (which means ‘Lord Guan’).
A well known story of Guan Yu is how he got a poisoned arrowed to the arm and had to get surgery. Guan Yu calmly played a game of solitaire while receiving the needed treatment on his arm.
Little is known of Guan Yu’s early life. It is known that he was born in Xie County, Hedong and ended up fleeing his hometown at age twenty-three after killed a man Lu Xiong who was harassing a lady. Five years later he met Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, with the three becoming sworn brothers in a peach orchid.
Guan Yu, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei would sleep in the same room and had meals together, as if they were actual brothers. Originally they fought the group known as the Yellow Turbans. The Yellow Turbans fell and after Liu Bei gained independence from warlord Cao Cao, the Xu Province was taken.
Guan Yu was placed in charge of the regional capital of the city of Xiapi. Xiapi fell soon after and was captured by Cao Cao. Guan Yu was treated respectfully and appointed deputy general. A man known as Yan Liang was sent to attack a place known as Boma and was killed by Guan Yu. Guan Yu got given the title of “Marquis of Hanshou”, but however left to rejoin his sworn brother Liu Bei leaving the gifts from Cao Cao behind.
After Liu Bei lost the Battle of Guandu and having the Jing Province thrown into confusion, Liu Bei and Guan Yu met up. An alliance between Liu Bei and a warlord, Sun Quan, was formed and Cao Cao was defeated at the Battle of Red Cliffs.
Liu Bei eventually become a powerful warlord and was able to conquer the southern Jing Province which lead to Guan Yu being promoted to “General Who Exterminates Rebels”. Later on, after the Battle of Fancheng Guan Yu was captured along with his son Guan Ping by the Wu. Guan Yu was to change sides or die, to which Guan Yu refused due to loyalty and thus executed.
After death Guan Yu’s spirit came to Yuquan Hill, outside of present day Dangyang, Hubei, and protected locals from evil. The worship of Guan Yu is said to have originated from this area. Notably, as a god of war he blesses those who observe righteousness rather going to battle.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and is obviously represented by the lion but is also represented in occasion by the tiger. A sign which is masculine, positive and fixed. The element of Leo is fire and is ruled by the Sun. The stone of this sign is ruby while colour is gold.
Those who are Leo are born between July 23 and August 22.
Out of all the zodiac signs, Leo is the most dominant and extrovert. Such people tend to be ambitious, independent and self-confident. Leo’s know what they want. These people are the kind to be bossy, interfering, generous and kind.
Leo’s find it hard to believe ill of others, yet will strike back hard if hit. Notably, grudges are not often kept for long, with the Leo easily forgiving others. Sympathy is what Leo gives much to others and those with a flaw in their personality is just as easily forgiven.
Natural leaders who can attract others, Leo’s should remember to be humble as it is with ease that their ego can take them over. Being friends with those who are Leo can be difficult, especially due to their ego. For those Leo’s care for, they are affectionate.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Totems: Sheep

Sheep are the lovely creatures which provide so much warmth to people and is one of the earliest domesticated animals. Its domestication is thought to have been due to the use of having constant meat.
Lesson wise, seeking resolution to problems is one. One may be sticking at a problem, issue or situation for more then enough time. Whatever problems there may be, it is great to get the resolution and it should be done rather left alone.
Reminders to use the senses are likely, for it is the senses that helps all so much. This totem tells the power of the senses, how they shouldn’t be taken for granted.
The sheep totem teaches to look at all the sides before making a situation. To think carefully before choosing, as it is that making a mistake that is horrible is always there and making such a mistake may cause problems that are difficult to fix.
Patience is also often called a virtue, the sheep teaches to be patient and persistent. It is patience and persistence that gets people through obstacles. Obstacles are always there, and it does have to be faced, with patience and persistence being the way the sheep totem teaches to do so.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The first rune of twenty-four is Fehu and due to this is very much associated with beginnings. Fehu itself means ‘prosperity’. The divine cow known as Audhumla is considered the deity of this rune. June 29th to July 14th is the fortnight of Fehu and 12:30 to 13:30 is the hour.  

Fehu being a rune associated with prosperity, reputation, status and wealth, also of course cows. Cattle was also synonymous with wealth with ancient peoples, which is what creates the symbolism of prosperity with Fehu.
This rune is also considered both feminine and maternal.
In divination and seen upright, Fehu is an obvious indicator of prosperity. A profitable time may just be around the corner and one should also take whatever good fortunes that come by it should be taken with humility.
Possessions should also be looked after and resources should have an eye kept on.
However, when inverted Fehu indicates loss and likely a material possession. However, the loss will be made up in time.
Problems with conception or fertility may be indicated.