Friday, October 7, 2011

Totems: Skunk

The skunk is best known for its smell and is recognisable by its colouration and shape of tail. While many people tend to try to keep away from skunks, some keep them as a pet which often means ridding of the gland that allows for this creature to make its well-known smell.

This totem teaches how to not only give respect, but how to expect respect and even demand it. Respect to the skunk is important, both in giving and in receiving. The skunk sees no problem in demanding respecting and doing what is needed to gain it.
The skunk is an animal that keeps to itself, and as such gives teaching in not to boast. It may seem to be a wise idea, it may seem to attract positive attention, but it simply rids of people rather attract. Boasting is not of good use, and will only provide the impression of arrogance.

Learning to gain balance in how to attract and repel people will come from the skunk totem, and how to make good use of such. Reminders of time to be with people and to be in solitude shall come from the skunk. Just as there is use in attracting and repelling people, so is there in knowing the time and place to be around people.

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