Friday, October 14, 2011

Totems: Mouse

The mouse is a creature seen as pet and pest. It is a small animal which many loathe, but is also loved through the form of the character Micky Mouse. The mouse is a mammal smaller than the rat and just as recognizable.

The most important lesson which the mouse teaches is to look at the world at great detail without over analysing it. It is taught to look for what is hidden, what is overlooked by others. Many easily do not notice what is near them, even what is in front of them, and as such awareness of one’s surroundings shall be of topic of this totem.

Related to the teaching of how to look at the world in detail, the mouse teaches about slowing down to look at a situation or project and assess it. The most obvious or best situation may not be easily noticed itself, so looking at the situation is of great use.

Being an animal with the ability to get into small areas, the mouse has no shame in teaching of how even the toughest problems can be bypassed by looking at the possibilities. This totem tells that it is possible to get passed a problem providing much trouble, all it takes is a good look at what one can do.

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