Sunday, August 29, 2010


One topic I have found interesting is magic. Many items can be used during it and seemingly anything, as I have come across, could be used. I have heard of cat hair, frogs, and blood being used but not all magic uses such items. Pins can be used, but not to draw blood or cause harm. Human hair can also be used, but to protect. This is what I find most interesting about magic, the use of items as it can be used to harm or to benefit but it all boils down to what the intent is.

I have heard of people giving magic shades, or colours, to which I am talking about black, white and grey magic, but many people say that magic doesn’t have a colour. Black magic giving the obvious image of it being bad or harmful with the use of such things as voodoo dolls, yet the use of voodoo dolls could be used to protect another person one way or another. White magic is said to benefit oneself or others while grey magic neither to benefit or harm, yet any items that one could be associated with white or grey magic like items associated to black magic could be used for another kind of magic. Due to how an item can be used for white, grey or black magic, even other categories of magic such as rain or sun magic, I came to view magic simply as magic that is either beneficial or non-beneficial.

Intent has to be what, to me, the most important thing in magic. To help or to harm, to do neither or nothing, it is all about what you intent to do with magic. But one should know what oneself is getting into and what they are doing when using magic in itself. There have been stories of people using magic as a threat and even using it to harm others which is truly saddening to hear of, but it is better to know that there is such people in the world then to know not of such things.

Magic has its uses and should be used carefully with wisdom. It is something with great power.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Dreams are what many have been influenced by which including countless pieces of art. They can help you realize something, or put terror into your mind. But there is one thing that many people have attempted to do after a dream, to give an interpretation of it.
Those looking for an interpretation of a dream may look on the internet or in a book to figure out what even the smallest of things might mean. A rat might mean intelligence or dirtiness. A dog may mean loyalty or teamwork. These multiple meanings can cause havoc to one self when we search to figure out what something meant in a dream, but things can have multiple meanings so eyes must be open.
There is however a trick which I use when I give a dream of my own an interpretation, I ask myself what something means to me. When interpreting a dream I figure out what something means to me and not what it means to someone else. All that is needed to be done when interpreting a dream is a pen and paper to write down the dream and then the meaning of it.

If you dreamt of being chased by dogs you simply need to sit down with a pen and paper, using your head to figure out what it means.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


What is your favourite animal? What is your favourite plant? What about your least favourite animal and plant? Is there anything in nature that you find gruesome or simply grabs your attention? There are many questions one can ask themselves or others about nature itself, but also to see, learn and discover on their own. It should be loved for what it has given us and many fear for its awesome power.

Many people, like me, have a passion for gardening and this is where one can easily start to appreciate nature as it is right at home. For a seed it may be a week or two to sprout and it slowly grows into a plant, such as a beautiful flower that, interestingly enough, anyone can look at and see the beauty of nature within it. Some people, though, prefer looking at more than a flower to see the beauty of nature such as going to a zoo to see the many animals or out to a local area barely touched by mankind such as a forest.

But when one looks out a window it is not hard to find nature as it doesn’t hide itself. To see a tree is to see nature. To see a bird is to see nature. One doesn’t even to look out a window to see nature itself; if they have a pet or indoor plant they are keeping a part of nature within their house themselves.

Nature is everywhere in both simple and complex forms.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Wands are useful; it’s not hard to make a simple one and is easily recognizable. They are used amongst those who use it not only for ritual and magic, but can be used to play games.

There are many kinds of wood out there to choose from and all with magical properties of their own, this is why it is important to pick carefully of the type of wood you are to use when making a wand. But also take note of the trees in your local area, if you just happen to be after a certain kind of wood there might just be a tree with the wood you are after. Maybe instead of finding the tree with the type of wood you are after there could be a certain kind of tree or trees with wood that has similar properties but you may find more useful, so make sure to do some studying before choosing.

I personally have two wands of my own, although not often used. One is made of eucalyptus and its elemental association, from what I have heard, varies from who you ask. I have heard eucalyptus’ elemental association being earth, air and water but it seems to be agreed upon that eucalyptus is not associated with fire. It is said eucalyptus wood is great for healing but it also serves for good protection. I have also heard keeping a small branch of a eucalyptus tree indoors serves for promoting good health, promotes good luck when worn as a charm and makes a great divination tool.

The other wood I have used for a wand is made of oak. Oak, elemental wise, is said to be of earth and/or water. Oak has strength and it is durable with its endurance. Oak has the power of protection and healing, like eucalyptus, but also wisdom.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Meditation is something that is used worldwide and I am one of those who meditate daily. So here are three small and quick tips for anyone who is starting to meditate.

First things first, always make yourself comfortable as possible while meditating. If you like to meditate on the floor, use a pillow if needed. I am one of those who find it hard to focus if uncomfortable and chances are if you are uncomfortable you will have some difficulties focusing.

If you have troubles with visualisation start with something small and simple. You can light a candle, watch it for a minute then close your eyes and try visualising the lit candle. Once you have started to visualise the candle you can next try visualising the flame changing colour, the flame getting smaller or bigger or moving around due to wind. Keep trying if unsuccessful and over time try to make the visualisations more complex.

If you are like me and need something to keep your hands busy to help stay focused, get and use something to keep one or both hands busy during meditation. Two things that can be used are prayer beads and meditation balls.

Hope these tips have been useful as they have been to me.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Inspirations

As a youth I do have much to learn but like many others I do get inspired and what have inspired me throughout my life are the beliefs and mythologies of cultures.

I have been quite the fan of the game Age of Mythologies for many years and it has created much of my interest in religions across the globe. Though Age of Mythologies tells of the gods and goddesses of Egypt, Greece and of the Norse it gave limited knowledge and this is what probably gave the biggest spark with my interest in the gods and goddesses of Egypt. Though today my interest in Egypt is small I still watch shows about the beliefs of the ancient Egyptian’s and of the pharaohs when given the chance. And luckily today, I have more resources to learn about gods and goddesses of many more cultures then just of three to which I frequently use to my advantage. There are many inspiring stories to be told within mythologies such as to redeem oneself as it was with Hercules.
When I was between the ages ten to twelve I was learning Greek at school due to it being compulsory. I enjoyed it but after many years of not saying a word in Greek or having anything to keep my Greek as it was when I stopped learning the language, I remember nothing of it, but what has kept to my heart over the years from my Greek classes is of the Odyssey. To my luck I have been able to get my hands on the Odyssey itself earlier in the year thanks to needing to study it at school for one of my classes. The main man, Odysseus, I found to be a role model as soon as I originally heard the Odyssey. Odysseus himself continued on to get home to his wife and son despite the odds and the suffering he dealt with even when he got to his home land of Ithaca. It was also was his wits and quick thinking that kept Odysseus alive. This combination of a large will to do something aided with intelligence is what inspired me since childhood.

Since I am a small fan of Dragon Ball Z I do sometimes check up to see if there is anything new and one day I was wondering how the idea to create Dragon Ball Z itself came from. I did a bit of studying which lead me to Journey to the West and this is where the idea of Dragon Ball Z came from. Even the Japanese name of the monkey Journey to the West is mainly about, Son Goku, is where the name of the main character, Goku, from Dragon Ball Z is from. I eventually got myself Journey to the West to read and despite the large length of it I read from beginning to end. The monkey born from stone, Sun Wukong, is that monkey who went from a king of monkeys to a Buddha over the course of many, many years. Sun Wukong is the character who shows that even if you did great misdeeds in the past you can still atone for your previous actions and even reach Buddhahood, which I find highly inspiring.

This is what I have found inspiring within my life and many thanks to all of those have read this.

A Welcome

As you can probably tell, I am new here, but also with high hopes with this blog lasting for some time and I'll hopefully will tell of much about my inspirations, beliefs and thoughts on current happenings.