Monday, October 3, 2011

Closed Road

It is some days that leave people rather confused in what to do, with boredom often popping up in the dull day. I had one of these days, with nothing to do and time to waste. The solution? Going to a road possessed with the status of being closed for years. Getting to the road may have proved a slight annoyance, but proved to be of worth with the chance of looking within an abandoned building.
Being in an area quiet, filled with plants and fields of grass. The tiny company I had was cattle that were in a small fenced off area, whom best be left to enjoy peace. Walking along the road, alone and not knowing what to expect, a feeling of eeriness came to the light of day. A beautiful day, yet eerie.
Traffic was not to be heard, nor people. Only birds and the one or two trains. Fear would have shivered within if any sounds of man was heard nearby. To think vehicles would have been an occasional sight on the very road, now it is only memories of such remaining.
Looking into the fields, an old wooden building expected to be seen never showed to the eyes. Scattered wood, close in proximity, laid wet and weak within a field. If any building was to be found, it would have been the wood laying on the ground. Saddening to think a building forgotten by many has fallen.
The peaceful nature of the area had to be left eventually. The road may have contained eeriness, an ability to sooth was alongside it. Leaving the road now unseen by those who used to use it, the road itself proved to be a place to go for peace.

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