Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Bixia Yuanjin

Bixia Yuanjin is the goddess of dawn, wind, destiny and childbirth, and who has the fertility goddess Songzi Niangniang as an attendant.  Her father is the god Tai Shan Wang, whom is the ruler of the seventh court of Feng Du.  Veneration of Bixia Yuanjin takes place at the Temple of the Purple Dawn on the summit of the mountain Tai Shan.

Also known as “Princess of Clouds”, Bixia Yuanjin sends her followers messages through clouds. She is also called “Princess of the Rosy Clouds”, “Princess of the Azure Clouds”, and “Jade Woman”. As a goddess of childbirth, Bixia Yuanjun attends each person’s birth to bestow good health and fortune to the person.

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