Saturday, October 15, 2011

Eight Trigrams: Mountain

Gen is the name of the mountain trigram. It has an unbroken upper line, while the middle and lower lines are broken. Being the trigram of the mountain, Gen is of the earth element. Children in general are of Gen, especially males up the age of fifteen. The youngest son is of the mountain trigram alongside bachelors.

The mountain trigram is referred to as “The Stable” and is of a quietly passive nature. Of hidden strength and concealed intellect, Gen is the trigram also called “The Revolutionary”. Gen is the trigram of inner nature, of one’s true self. Gen is the trigram that gives message of allowing oneself to become refreshed.
Symbolically sweetness is the taste of Gen while taste the sense. The stomach, spleen, fingers and hands are represented in health by this very trigram. Oaks and walnut trees are the plants of the mountain trigram, with dogs and birds the animals.

White is Gen’s colour and early morning being time of day. Late winter and early spring are the time of year for the mountain trigram, with the direction of northeast for the Northern Hemisphere and southeast in the Southern Hemisphere.

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