Monday, October 31, 2011

Public Holiday

At the end of the month once more, Halloween has gone mostly uncelebrated here in Australia yet again for another year. To think tomorrow is Melbourne Cup Day, being the first day of the month; weeding will probably be the goal of tomorrow rather watching horses race.

A public holiday it shall be; and one that may provide a helpful one. Being interested in my own ancestry, I have been trying to get more information about my family heritage. Tomorrow may prove a good day to see family, in which useful information may be passed down to this youth who knows so little about his ancestors.


  1. Samhain can still be honored by you and yours. The most intimate time of the Wheel, who needs a bunch of pomp and circumstance.

    Blessed Samhain.

  2. Filial piety is surely not forgotten. The very time of the year is of great importance for the remembrance of ancestors.

    May your Samhain be a time of blessing in itself, Dark Mother.