Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It was believed, possibly even still believed that amber could heal any ailment. People even give amber pieces for babies to chew when the babies first teeth appear. Ambers magical properties are of protecting from spells with evil intend and evil eye, making them great to wear if wanting to protect oneself.

Amber itself is good for success, abundance, healing, vitality, fertility, love and joy, obviously quite the gem. The ancient Greeks recorded about  ambers ‘electrical’ property, as if it rubbed with a piece of silk it will attract dust and ashes.

Amber is also associated with magic, the element of fire and of the sun. Amber has the power to turn negative energy into positive energy, making it even more useful. Amber also relieves depression, hence why it is called the happy stone while at the same time relates to the third chakra (Solar Plexus).

Amber was made into amulets and worn as beads many thousands of years ago. The ancient Greeks thought of amber highly, it was even believed that amber is the juice of the setting sun. It was even said that amber came from the apples of immortality, where from this legend it was believed that amber gave protection and increased longevity. The Romans believed that amber was a great protector, so gladiators put amber on their shields and weapons.

Asian cultures have regarded amber as the soul of the tiger. Slavic tribes believed it to be the solidified tears of gods, while Neolithic peoples thought of amber as the souls of the dead. In the Far East, amber symbolizes courage and Egyptians have placed a piece of amber in the casket of a loved one to ensure the body shall forever remain whole.

Wishing Pot

A Japanese tradition going back many years and also sometimes referred as a wishkeeper, where you would write down your wishes and stored them in this special pot. These wishing pots come in black, cream and white most often.

The wishing pot is also used in Feng Shui, and depending on your wish also depends on where you would place your wishing pot in your house. North of the house if the wish deals with career, northeast for self development and knowledge, east for family health and dynamics, southeast for abundance, south for reputation, southwest for marriage, west for children and creativity and northwest of the house for wishes dealing with helpful people and support.
However, a wishing pot doesn’t have to be placed a certain place in your house depending on your wish, it can also be placed on an alter.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gods And Goddesses: Ebisu

Ebisu is one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan, also called Yebisu or Hiruko. He is the god of fishermen, good fortune, commerce, good luck, merchants and honest labour. His virtue is said to be of fair dealing. Ebisu is also known to hold a red snapper (a fish symbolizing luck and congratulation), but also known of often have a fishing rod in his right hand while a folding fan in the other.

Ebisu himself is fat, bearded and a often smiling fishermen, and a rather popular god out of the Seven Lucky Gods who is actually a protector of the health of small children, as well as the patron of tradesmen and fishermen. His image can be seen frequency in shops in Japan and in some Shinto shrines Ebisu is identified with Hiru-ko (the misconceived firstborn son of the creator couple Izanagi and Izanami).

Ebisu has a festival which is celebrated on the twentieth day of the tenth month while the other gods gather at a place known as The Grand Shrine of Izumo. Reason why Ebisu is not at the Grand Shine himself is due to poor hearing, as he doesn’t hear the summons and still available for worship thanks to this.

Ebisu is also paired with another of the Seven Lucky Gods frequently, Daikokuten, who are said to be father and son or master and apprentice by some.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

The Rabbit is the fourth animal to appear with the ruling hours of 5AM to 7AM and the direction of east.  Its saying is “I retreat”, with Rabbit's colours being green and aqua, has the gemstone of aquamarine and Rabbit's month being March. The latest born Rabbit’s are actually Earth Rabbit’s who would have been born between 16th February 1999 to 4th of February 2000, with the newest Rabbit’s (the Metal Rabbit) are to be born next year between the 3rd of February and 22nd of January 2012.

The Rabbit is very friendly and compassionate people, but also popular. They make good company but do enjoy private time although they prefer some company over being alone. Rabbits themselves like to be a part of a group but not the leader.

Well mannered but sensitive, while also easily taken advantage of. Their sensitive side keeps make the Rabbit shy away from aggression and competition. Rabbit’s also rather avoid conflict, but will be calm in situations of confrontation.  Their calmness makes it difficult to provoke.

Rabbit’s have good taste and are fashionable, sneaky and wise yet tranquil and fragile. The Rabbit is however conservative and insecure, making them have a dislike to changes.

In love they are sweet and faithful, male Rabbit’s are however picky while the females probably should spend less time in front of a mirror. Despite the downside to the Rabbit in love, they can be great partners.

The allies of the Rabbit is the Sheep and Pig, while the Secret Friend the Dog.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Totems: Kookaburra

The lovely kookaburra, who doesn’t know what they are? They are well known for being carnivorous, but better known for their laughter. They can become tame and if you are lucky like me, you will even get to feed a kookaburra. Kookaburras are quite social and mate for life.

Laughter is a great form of healing, even when forced. It helps with bonding and getting through tough times, the power of laughter is a lesson worth learnt from the kookaburra totem. The power of healing is another lesson. Healing can take many forms, and that is the great part of it, laughter just happens to be a part of it.

But another lesson from this totem is about family. While kookaburras mate for life, their children even help when more offspring are born. Family is important, you can go to them for help or vice versa. Every member of the family member needs a responsibility. Harmony and being a good sibling are also lessons.

Focus is another lesson, as it is focus that it is needed such as for a short amount of time for whatever it is to succeed, wether it be photographing, hunting or using tools (such as a hammer or a needle). Focusing and being alert can help greatly to see opportunities around you, and this can be a great help.

The kookaburra is a part of the kingfisher family but interestingly lives in woodlands, so while you would offer food such as fish to other species of kingfisher the kookaburra may prefer insect, worm, snake, lizard and even chicken meat.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Teru Teru Bozu

The teru teru bozu, or ‘shiny shiny Buddhist priest’ is a small traditional doll from Japan made with a white cloth or paper and a rubber band or string. Teru, meaning shiny refers to sunshine while bozu refers to the baldness of Buddhist monks.

Japanese farmers made these during the Edo period when they became popular, being hung outside a window by a string. When upright it is said to stop rain, when upside down it is said to help bring rain. When good weather is desired and hung upright a chant is said, “Fine weather priest, please let the weather be good tomorrow.”

Interestingly, the teru teru bozu has influenced modern culture though non-Japanese may not have realized it. It is the Pokemon known as Castform to which was based off this little amulet. While the teru teru bozu is a common sight in Japan today it isn’t in other countries, so many outside of Japan are likely to not know what Castform is based off.

It is even claimed that the origin of the teru teru bozu is that a monk promised good weather to a village that was getting too much constant rain. When the monk failed, he had his head cut off after being tracked. The majority of historians think the story developed after the teru teru bozu became widespread.

There is even a nursery rhyme in where the teru teru bozu is promised a golden bell and sake for the success of a sunny day, failure means off with the head. The rhyme goes:
Teru teru bozu, teru bozu
Do make tomorrow a sunny day
Like the sky in a dream sometime
If it’s sunny I’ll give you a golden bell

Teru tero bozu, teru bozu
Do make tomorrow a sunny day
If you make my wish come true
We’ll drink lots of sweet rice wine

Teru teru, teru bozu
Do make tomorrow a sunny day
But if it’s cloudy and you are crying
Then I shall snip your head off

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chinese Guardian Lions

Chinese guardian lions, also known as stone lions, Fu Lions, lions of Buddha, Snow Lions and have been mistakenly called Foo Dogs. They are always in pairs of a male and a female. Males take the left with his right paw on a ball while the female has a single cub under her left paw.

The pair is traditionally placed near the entrance of a building to ward off evil spirits and to protect from thieves. In the past, they have been expensive to get, so the guardian lions became a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Considering the various sizes and prices of the guardian lions along with popularity they can be found in many places.

They can be placed on a desk to guard your supplies, but they can be placed elsewhere to protect. As long as they are respected they will protect over your family.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gods And Goddesses: Pan Gu

Pan Gu is the creator born from a cosmic egg that Pan Gu slept in for 18,000 years. By separating the heavy and light parts of the egg Pan Gu created Heaven and earth, separating the two while he grew for another 18,000 years. After separating Heaven and earth, Pan Gu died, his breath becoming the wind and clouds, his head, arms, feet and stomach becoming mountains, his voice thunder and his eyes the sun and moon.
Another story tells how Pan Gu was born of the five elements, and created heaven and earth with a chisel and hammer.

It is even said that the first humans developed from fleas and parasites that lived on Pan Gu, another story state that Pan Gu created humans by creating them from clay and leaving them in the sun to dry. Credit also goes to the goddess Nu Wa for the creation of mankind.

Pan Gu is worshipped at a number of shrines in China and depicted as a caveman like figure wearing leopard skin tunics and with long hair.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

The Tiger is the third animal to appear in the Chinese zodiac with the ruling hours of 3AM to 5AM, the direction of East-Northeast, the colours of green and red the gemstone of diamond and the month of February. The motto of the tiger is “I win.” and we are currently in the year of the tiger, starting from the 15th of February and ending the 2nd of February of next year.

Tigers are born leaders who are noble and fearless, but also have courage. They are daring fighters who will fight what they think is right. Tigers are capable of generosity even if they are selfish time to time.

These people are unpredictable and always tense, and as I once read them being described, “tempestuous yet calm, warm-hearted yet fearsome”. Tigers are highly confident, even to a point of being too confident.

Hard working and urgent, Tigers usually choose to work alone. Tigers are the one’s who if you give a job will do it with efficiency yet are the one‘s who don‘t find worth in neither power or money.

They are emotional and sensitive and capable of great love thanks to their passionate and romantic way, yet Tigers are territorial and possessive.

It is also worth mentioning Tigers competitive behaviour, who won’t pass up a challenge, especially when honour is at risk, either that or they are trying to protect their loved one’s.

The allies of the Tiger is the Horse and Dog, while their ‘secret friend’ is Pig.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Totems: Crocodile

Good ol’ crocodiles, they are quite the survivor. Despite its small brain, the crocodile quite intelligent and do have keen senses as well as surviving a long time in the earths history, making them symbols of knowledge and wisdom.
Crocodiles also live on land by the water and in the water, so it is can be said that where it lives is a bridge between the two elements of earth and water.

The crocodile is of destruction, violently ripping up prey before eating it up, yet also creation in the carefulness the mother gives when dealing with its eggs and hatchlings, helping bringing forth the new generation.

Stealth, cunning and power are all needed for the capture of its prey. Stealth to be able to get close enough to prey, cunning to know when to attack and power to be able to kill. Patience is the key for the crocodile in its hunting as it may be many a day before it eats again. All four of stealth, cunning, power and patience are lessons of the crocodile.

Endurance is certainly a lesson to learn from the crocodile totem, to endure without food for days, even months I’ve heard, is what crocodiles do along with surviving injuries that would surely kill any man. Such a lesson can be a harsh one, but a worthwhile one.

Offerings to the crocodile can include fish, chicken and beef, but also other kinds of meat such as kangaroo. The crocodile isn’t fussy with meals, as it doesn’t need much to survive and after all, a good meal is a good meal.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


It was bound that I would do a little spring cleaning in my bedroom, seeing as I needed to get rid of the cluster. The extra space in the one room is great, as it is important in itself to not have much cluster.
One’s personal space is needed, just as we have space for a television or a bed and having little cluster helps in this.

Having things clustered might be a great idea to save space in a room, but it may make it difficult to get to a certain item or two in that cluster. A cluster may be positioned in a way that it is easy to knock several things over in a go or be that large it takes up too much space, and this is why that it is important to not cluster.

Possessions may be a great tool to learn, to entertain oneself or to act as ornaments, but it is obvious what isn’t needed isn’t needed. What isn't needed or useful shouldn't be held onto, as it won't make use to the person. All it will do is take up needed space.

People always could use what others own, so making use of this can be great help for riding of cluster through selling or giving what is not needed.  This is what makes sites like E-Bay and places that accept donations useful.

The greatest part of getting rid of cluster is extra space to move, even a little more. Everyone needs space to move around, to get exercise and to just be able to get to what is needed to be gotten.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Usually when I hear the mention of jade I think of the gemstone that is said to bring luck when carried around. Jade itself is a symbol of purity and serenity, while also the ancient symbol of love. Jade also inspires the mind to make quick and precise decisions. When carved into the shape of a scarab, jade is said to bring the owner a long and prosperous life.

Wearing jade while gardening improves the health of the plants, with small pieces of jade buried around the perimeter of the garden is for the same purpose.
It is also worn for protection when doing defensive magical work. When placed under one’s pillow it is said to help in lucid dreaming. Jade also helps create peace, harmony, tranquillity through emotional turmoil. Jade itself have the powers to bring healing, longevity, protection, wisdom, money and prosperity, but to also aid in meditation.

Jade does quite a lot, but it is just to show the magical properties of jade. Jade itself is sacred to the Mayans and Chinese, even said to bless everything it touches. Chinese tradition says that jade symbolizes the five virtues of humanity (wisdom, compassion, justice, modestly and courage) and symbols for these virtues have been carved into jade. In China it has been believed that jade protected infants and certain jade designs warded off evil. Confucius himself saw jade as the symbols of harmony, humanity, intelligence and justice.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gods And Goddesses: Atlatonan

Ah… finally, I am doing something about a goddess. Atlatonan/Atlatonin, said to be a mother goddess, but also goddess of earth, water, the coast/seaboard, lepers and disease. A patron of whom who have been born with physical deformities and those who suffered from open sores. Atlatonan is also thought be the one who caused such deformities and sores.

Atlatonan is also known as the "Daughter of Tlaloc" and said to have been ritually drowned to the Aztec rain god, Tlaloc.

A goddess who was honoured with a flaying-sacrifice. The god Tezcatlipoca was in fact married to Atlatonan along with three other goddesses (Xochiquetzal, Xilonen and Huixtocihuatl). Atlatonan, along with Xochiquetzal, Xilonen and Huitocihuatl, represented what is known as the physical pleasures of life, sexual life, food, drink and salt.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha, also known ad Budai, Hotei and Fat Buddha, is often mistakenly thought as Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism.  The Laughing Buddha is thought to have originated from a monk named Qieci, from Fenghua (now the province of Zhejiang), an eccentric man who was much loved.

Stories of Qieci is spread across China and eventually become known under a name which means “hempen sack”, Budai. He carries a sack full of goodies such as sweets for children and often pictured with children. The Laughing Buddha represents happiness, generosity and wealth while also a protector of children, the poor and the weak. Often you can see the statue of the Laughing Buddha these days near the entrance of Chinese Buddhist temples and it is folk practice to rub his belly for good luck.

Interestingly, in Chinese Taoism the Laughing Buddha he seen as a god of abundance and in Japan he is called Hotei and is one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Shinto. The Laughing Buddha is also referred as the patron of restaurateurs, fortune tellers and bartenders.

A couple tales tell how the Laughing Buddha became fat. One is that he was once so handsome a man wanted him as a wife, so he made himself fat. Another tale says angels and men thought extremely highly of his looks and the Laughing Buddha saw this as inappropriate so he made himself fat.

Laughing Buddha statues often depict a jolly man carrying quite an array of items and in Feng Shui Laughing Buddha statues are often used and what the Laughing Buddha carries may be something you want to gain more of, so keep an eye out. A pot of gold and gold ingots are of wealth while a sack abundance, maybe even a gourd which is a symbol of good health and longevity.

If you practice Feng Shui it is said there are several places that make a good position to place a Laughing Buddha statue, from what I heard the best places include facing the main door, in the living room, on a deck and either an office table or reception desk.

His birthday is said to be on the first day of Chinese New Year

Chinese Zodiac: Ox

The Ox is the second animal to appear in the Chinese zodiac. February is said to be the month of the Ox, their colour violet, their time is from 1:00AM to 3:00AM. Their gemstones are said to be jade and their direction north-northeast. The latest year of the Ox was 26 January 2009 to 14th February 2010, with those born under that year being known as Earth Ox’s.

Ox people are hard working and persistent, someone who is strong and determined but also stubborn. Ox’s are responsible, dependable and loyal making them great friends, but also said to be very close with family. After all, those born under the year of the Ox are said to be kind and caring souls filled with common sense.

However, Ox’s have a large temper and can be both ruthless and unforgiving.
Ox people are not very sociable and are said to rarely participate in group activities, and there will be much searching for the Ox for the perfect person. Ox’s make good leaders and are self-disciplined.
The Snake and Rooster are the Ox’s allies with the Rat as the ‘secret friend’.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Totems: Spotted Hyena

The spotted hyena is an animal thought to be scavengers, true that they scavenge seeing a free meal is still a free meal but studies have shown that it is quite the good hunter. In the past people such as the Roman poet Ovid thought this animal could change gender, quite a few ancient writers are said to claim the spotted hyena as a hermaphrodite with the Greek philosopher Aristotle saying such a claim being untrue.
Even today people think of hyenas as scavengers despite their prowess in hunting and the fact that any predator will take a free meal if given the chance. One claim in a documentary even kept to me and I have remembered it since, that spotted hyenas are possibly the second most aggressive animal (only behind of humans).

Spotted hyenas live in clans, and will work together as a team to hunt food and even chase of or even kill their worst enemies, the lion. Teamwork may be a lesson, but so is trickery, as some low ranking hyenas will send off a sound while the high ranking hyenas eat, telling others there is a threat that needs to be dealt with such as an intruding lion. When the other hyenas go check out this non-existing threat the low-ranking hyena will eat. Trickery certainly isn’t limited to getting a meal sooner, it can be used to hunt or to defend one’s territory, both which needs teamwork.

The power of laughter is another lesson the spotted hyena teaches, and laughter can have quite the effect on people. The spotted hyena is indeed a vocal animal, using not only body language but sounds. Giggles and laughter are said to tend to be of great excitement. Laughter can help lighten the tension during tough times and it is laughter that is said to have quite a number of healthy side-effects.

Mistaken identity is what has happened to the spotted hyena in the past distant and even today. This isn’t exactly a bad thing, though it easily could be. Hyenas, as mentioned earlier are thought of scavengers when in truth any predator will eat any edible meat and amusingly hyenas are excellent hunters (said to catch 95% of what they eat). Though people think of hyenas as scavengers it isn’t a bad thing as they will scavenge if given the chance.

When offering to a spotted hyena, bones would make a great offering but meat fresh or rotten also make good offerings. The spotted hyena isn’t the fussiest eater, but it may rather get more meat or bones, even having  preference to getting the same amount of meat as bone.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong goes by several names and titles which includes Monkey King, Monkey, Sun The Novice, Great Sage Equalling Heaven, and Protector of the Horses. His story starts when he was born from a stone on the Mountain of Flower and Fruit.

Sun Wukong became a king of a group of monkeys after finding a cave behind a waterfall called Water Curtain Cave where he became known as the Handsome Monkey King. Sun Wukong realized he was only mortal and feared death, so he travelled on a raft over seas, finding civilisation where he learnt to talk and walk just like a human. He eventually found an Daoist sage called Bodhi. This sage named the Handsome Monkey King Sun Wukong, ‘Monkey Aware of Emptiness’. From then on, the Handsome Monkey King went by the name of Sun Wukong.

Bodhi taught Sun Wukong magic, how to ride clouds, seventy-two transformations and the Way of Immortality. Sun Wukong, after years of training under Bodhi was expelled for showing off where he went back to the Mountain of Flower and Fruit where he found his subjects were under some trouble with a monster that Sun Wukong defeated. Back at where he ruled as a king he ruled over an army of monkeys and befriended demons.
Sun Wukong, knowing just magic wasn’t needed to defeat others wanted a weapon, which he got of the Dragon King‘s along with some armour. The Golden Banded Cudgel is he weapon which he used to defeat many demons.

Later, Sun Wukong got his hands on the Book of Life and Death. He took the name of himself but also the names of the monkeys he knew making himself and all the monkeys he knew immortal. The Dragon Kings and the god of death, Yen Lo Wang made a complaint to the ruler of heaven, the Jade Emperor.  The Dragon King’s complained of rudeness and theft while Yen Lo Wang complained of the names wiped out in the Book of Birth and Death.

The Jade Emperor was advised to pardon Sun Wukong and give him a post in Heaven, which was Protector of the Horses where he was the head of the heavenly stables. When Sun Wukong found the post was low in rank he left in anger and from then on hated it when he was referred as Protector of the Horses. The Jade Emperor ordered heavenly troops to capture Sun Wukong who were defeated. Sun Wukong asked for the title of Great Sage Equalling Heaven and the Jade Emperor again pardoned him plus gave Sun Wukong the title he asked for.

He was then put in charge of the peach orchard to keep this monkey busy, but Sun Wukong couldn’t resist the peaches of immortality and ate them. When Sun Wukong wasn’t invited to the peach banquet by goddess Queen Mother of the West so he went to the banquet before anyone arrived and ate the food and wine. Drunkenly Sun Wukong went to the home of the founder of Daoism, Lord Lao Zi, and gobbled up his pills of immortality. After this, Sun Wukong went back to the Mountain of Flower and Fruit.

When the Jade Emperor found out about this, sent his army to deal with  Sun Wukong. After much troubles capturing Sun Wukong he was finally caught, with whatever attempt to execute him failing. Soon Lord Lao Zi put Sun Wukong into his furnace for forty-nine days. Sun Wukong survived and his eyes smoked over the many days spent in it giving him the ability to see far and through disguise, illusion and transformation, but his eyes were highly vulnerable to smoke for this very reason.

After getting out of Lao Zi’s furnace Sun Wukong fights the heavenly soldiers all by himself. Lord Buddha was called upon and made a bet with Sun Wukong, if Sun Wukong wins he will rule over heaven but if Lord Buddha wins the bet he expects an apology. All Sun Wukong was asked to do was to jump off Lord Buddha’s hand, and Sun Wukong jumped off of it where he found himself in front of five pillars where he pissed on a pillar. When Sun Wukong saw Lord Buddha again he thought he won the bet, but Lord Buddha proved him wrong, the very piss that put all over a pillar was actually Lord Buddha’s finger.

Sun Wukong thought Lord Buddha was doing a trick on him and he was put under Five Elements Mountain where a paper talisman was placed on it, stopping Sun Wukong from escaping. Sun Wukong was under Five Elements mountain for five centuries where he was fed molten copper and iron pills.

The Bodhisattva Guanyin got Sun Wukong to become the disciple of a Buddhist monk by the name of Sansang, who was the one who released Sun Wukong from under the mountain. Sansang was given a headband (which he tricked to get put on Sun Wukong’s head) and a spell by Bodhisattva Guanyin. The spell was known as the Band-Tightening Spell, which when recited gave Sun Wukong much pain and it helped much to keep this troublesome monkey in control.

As a disciple of Sanzang, Sun Wukong found two others that promised to become Sanzang’s disciples and recruited them. They were known as Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing. A dragon ate Sanzang’s horse earlier on in Sanzang’s travel to the west for Buddhist scriptures, and this dragon was turned into a horse to serve as the horse he had eaten.

Over the long travel, Sun Wukong defeated many demons and after getting the scriptures his master, Sanzang, was after had attained Buddhahood with the title, “Buddha Victorious Against Disaster”.

Nature Can Be Weird Sometimes

What can I say? I have two compost bins which are in use, and I noticed a young oak growing out one though a hole at the side. I took it out from that very hole and planted it in a large pot that was unused. Later I checked the same compost bin and it turned out there was a couple more oaks growing in there. I actually picked up the compost bin and moved it nearby so I could get these oaks out with some soil but ended up finding a numbr of oaks growing in total darkness.

In total I found twelve oaks, most of them were growing completely in soil with no light. Because of this lack of light most lacked leaves completely. I planted ten in small-medium sized pots and one in a bottle filled with water. Leaving only one in a large pot due to only having one such a size.

I am happy that I have had so many oaks grow, but originally when I planted fifty plus acorns only fifteen actually grew roots and by mid-winter I thought that the acorns that didn’t grow at all weren’t going to grow at all.

The shells of the acorns that I cracked opened and checked showed that the acorns were getting eaten by tiny white insects, so I simply put all these acorns that haven’t grown into a compost bin and now several months later some acorns have been found well and healthy.

Seeing as all these oaks have been planted it is just a matter of them surviving being transplanted. But what I find amazing is that I never expected acorns out of all things to start growing while under a number of inches of soil. Honestly, if I had known this was to happen, I would have left all of those acorns in the pots they originally were in.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chinese Zodiac: Rat

The rat is the first animal to appear in the Chinese zodiac and the latest born rats were born between the 7th of February 2008 and 25th of January 2009. These young Rat’s were born as Earth Rat’s.

Associations to the rat is the hours of 11PM to 1AM, the direction of north, the gemstone garnet, the colours black, red and white and the foods peas, cabbage and pork.

Those born under the year of the Rat are said to have a charm and high aggressiveness along with being expressive and sometimes talkative. Rat’s can sometimes be narrow-minded but are honest and quick-witted. Their quick-wittiness makes them great problem solvers, being able to find solutions to the toughest of problems. Rats are also said to be able to make a great deal of money but are highly prone to spending it.

Rat’s are said to be one’s who will enjoy good health and will be active, thus helping them keep healthy. Their aggressiveness can cause stress which regular exercise should be a help for.
Rat’s are most compatible with Dragon’s and Monkey’s, who in the Chinese zodiac the Dragon and Monkey are the Rat’s allies with the Ox being the Rat’s ‘secret friend’.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gods And Goddesses: Anubis

Anubis, the god of mummification who also goes by the name of Anpu, Inpu, Ienpw and Imeut. Anubis is a well known Egyptian god with a black jackal head, with the black representing his position as a god dealing with the dead. Sometimes Anubis is depicted as a fully-human or fully-jackal being.

Anubis is known as the “Keeper of Divine Justice” and had the role of ruling over dead souls, deciding the weight of ‘truth‘ by weighing the heart against a feather. Anubis is a patron of magic and believed to be able to foresee a persons destiny.

Anubis is said to be the son of Ra or Set and Nephthys, Heset or Bast. It is even said that Nephythys got Osiris drunk and the result of what Nephthys did was how Anubis came to be. Anubis feels or at least felt compassion for humanity and didn’t wreak havoc on civilization because of this. 

He lacked the wild temperament and chaotic nature Nephthys was so attached to, which the god Set has.
Sometimes his brother is said to be Horus. Kabechet is Anubis’ daughter who helps him with mummification.

The Greeks are said to have mockingly called Anubis “Barker” while was associated with Hades three headed dog, Cerberus.


Yesterday was actually my eighteenth birthday but I didn‘t get any time to make a post. Now I can legally waste money on gambling instead of better things. Got some t-shirts, $50, several packets of seeds and a game I absolutely love, go.

One thing I find odd is that here in Australia apparently you can legally start smoking at any age wether it be five or fifty but you cannot legally buy cigarettes until you are eighteen.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Totems: Dog

Wondering when I would be doing the dog, but here it is! Seeing as I touched on the black dog earlier on I thought, “Why not?” There is one thing I find highly interesting, that on the second day of the Chinese New Year is considered to be the birthday of all dogs. Not only that, but the feast day of Saint Roch on August 16th is actually celebrated as the birthday of all dogs in Bolivia.

Dogs are the animals thought to be greatly loyal and there has been many real life dogs with a huge loyalty to their owners such as Hachiko and Greyfriars Bobby. Another lesson one can learn from the dog totem is companionship. Dogs can be great companions to some people, which may stem from the dogs loyalty to the person.

Many people, at least from my experience, seem to forget that dogs are pack animals. Dogs themselves can use teamwork and this is a lesson the dog totem can teach as in a dog show it does take both the owner and the dog to win.

The dog can be seen as the protector, or a guardian This may be due to how dogs can be brought up as, as guard dogs and some dogs can be fiercely protective of what they believe are theirs or of their owners. A lesson that could be learnt is show unconditional love, seeing as dogs do show plenty of it through a loving kindness.

It really depends on the breed of dog your totem is as different breeds of dogs have been bred for different reasons. What is above are likely lessons to be taught by the dog totem. Offerings to your dog totem may include bones and meat, though a certain kind of bone or meat may be preferred. Dog treats may be even a preferred offering to your dog totem which can include many kinds of treats such as pigs snouts, kangaroo tails, and dog biscuits.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Ah… busy, busy, busy. That is how I am feeling now.  
Giant Bottle Gourd

I am quite happy with how everything has been going on plant wise with all of the seedlings popping up. The rain that had came recently is much needed with the only downside with having to stay indoors to keep dry for a number of days.

Got the opportunity to get a few quick walks in the rain. Only if clothes never got so wet that they need to be changed, then I would be laughing.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Black Dog

It has many names such as Hellhound, Gytrash, Padfoot and Perro Negro. The black dog is said to appear at night and its appearance has often been regarded as a sign of death. Not all black dog legends tell of a dog that’s is a sign of your soon death. This creature is said to be seen most in England but has been spotted elsewhere in Asia and the America’s.
Black dogs themselves are associated to areas such as crossroads, bridges, graves and gallows. Many think of demonic creatures and try to hit it when seen, others try to pet them. It all depends on the person.

One tale about a black dog, said to be the most famous one out of them all. It goes that in a place called Bungay on Sunday morning of August fourth, 1577. Not long before 9am during a heavy thunderstorm a black dog is said to enter a church running. This dog ran down the aisle, wrung two men kneeling in prayer and bit a man on the back of his neck. The same dog is said to have travelled to another church seven miles away in a place called Blythburgh, killing two men, a  boy and burning a persons hand.

In the US there is a story about a twin set of black dogs roaming the country sides of north-middle Tennessee near the county of Macon. The story goes that two black puppies were adopted by a cruel farmer so evil that the Devil wouldn’t let him in Hell, but gave him the job of hunting down unsuspecting travellers after the stroke of midnight. Some say the death is quick while others say days, months and even years later. Another story within that area is that there is a single black dog with multiple heads, and that it is actually the hound that guards the gates of Hell, Cerberus.

A sighting is said to usually be in a rural area while a person is walking alone, with a black dog appearing alongside and walking with them for some time before fading away.  Most sightings of black dogs are actually thought to be of as non-threatening and nothing to worry about, good news for those who see one. However, seeing a black dog for the first time means joy, second time sorrow, third time death, or so as I hear it.