Friday, September 2, 2011

Totems: Wolf

Wolves are the canids so much loved today, although in the past it has been much feared. Many stories surround the wolf, from their relation to the founding of Rome to the dangerous werewolf. The wolf is perhaps one of the more common totems.
The wolf teaches of the power of sharing knowledge. It can be of great benefit, or at least a slight help. Sharing knowledge is useful regardless of how helpful the knowledge given is. Knowledge itself is a powerful asset, so why hide it?
Lack of success and plenty of disappointment is what is to be expected, and the wolf realises this. It is taught that little success and disappointment is normal, something to expect rather not to. It is those around in ones life that is of more importance, over success.
To endure, to continue to have strength and to have perseverance through sadness, loss and whatever that may put one down is the lesson the wolf readily reminds. Life is harsh, and the wolf realises this, teaching to keep on going even of the hardest of times. Nobody can stop all that makes one feel grief, so having strength is of great use.
Balance between solitude and socialising is of need as the wolf notes. Too much or little of either and problems can arise. Balance of the two allows balance of what is needed in what one can gain in being of solitude and being social.

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