Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Leek, known by its botanical name Allium ampeloprasum variant porrum and occasionally as Allium porrum is a plant with edible leaf sheaths. These sheaths are sometimes referred to as a stem or stalk. When cooking it can be boiled, fried or simply raw, with the darker part of the leek not used due to bitterness.

Leeks are an easy to grow plant, with pests and disease not much of a worry for leeks. Harvesting can begin as soon as it reaches the size of a finger or at a much larger and more mature size. Leeks, while hardy and generally worry free from pest and disease, is a slow grower, needing a long growing period. It is a biennial but generally grown as an annual.
This plant can grow in a variety of soils conditions as long as not waterlogged, although moist soil that is sandy-loam and heavily manured is what it grows best in. Firm soils with a pH between six and seven is very much enjoyed by leek. Full sun and deep soil is needed by leeks.
Compost and well rotted manure should be well prepared before planting as rich soils.

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