Friday, September 16, 2011

Totems: Owl

Owls are quite the creatures, called even ‘cats with wings’ by some. It is able to go through even the darkest night and capture prey. Owls help keep rodent and insect populations in check.
Being associated with death and rebirth, the owl teaches that when something dies, it be an actual living creature or otherwise, it allows for the creation of something new. Out with the old and in with the new as it is said, and what the owl teaches.
To look at what one truly wants and need, along with the clearing with the old, is of what the owl teaches to do. This is for the allowance of what one can call self-liberation, to allow for the clearing of obstacles, limitations, fears and anxieties. Doing such means one shall die in a manner.
Balancing and getting what’s needed in proper amount is what the owl totem shall help with. As the owl keeps the populations of rodents and insects down, balance is created. The owl totem will teach to know how to create balance along with how to know what is needed.
To look beyond the “masks”, to see the lies, the owl totem gives teaching of looking beyond. The owl has powerful eyes and one will need metaphorical eyes to see beyond the “masks” placed onto the faces of others. Lies are abundant, and this may not be as obvious as one may think. The owl helps learn how to spot when a “mask” is worn and lies are told.

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