Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eight Trigrams: Earth

The Earth, or Kun, trigram is a very feminine nature. It represents notably women, wives and mothers, while also herbalists, doctors and farmers. Of the five elements, this trigram is obviously of earth. The Earth trigram is sweet flavour and is of the sense known as taste. This trigram is elegant, soft, loyal and kind in nature.
The Earth trigram has three broken lines. Known also as “the Receptive”, symbolizing pure yin energy, of femininity. It is the most feminine of the trigrams. The Earth trigram is the reprehensive of the responsive energy of the universe, responding to the creative energies which the Heaven trigram has. Nurturing and yielding, it suggests to get in touch with ones emotions and to become stable, to be grounded.
Yellow is the colour of the Earth trigram, its animals being oxen, cows, sheep and ants, time of year being late summer while for day late afternoon. Religious communities and rural areas are the area/environment of the Earth trigram. Southwest is the direction of this trigram in the Northern Hemisphere while northwest in the Southern Hemisphere.

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