Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eight Trigrams: Heaven

Heaven is the trigram consisting of three solid lines. The Heaven trigram is much male dominated, representing the father, senior males, emperors, kings, wise men, and certain people that is generally thought of as male such as presidents, commanders, monks, saints, hermits, goldsmiths and police. Health wise Heaven is represented by the head and lungs, of the metal element, autumn the time of year, evening being time of day and described as a pungent flavour. White is the colour of Heaven, with bright colours also holding true.
Generally, the Heaven trigram is of good fortune. It is associated with geometric patterns and in Feng Shui with people whom are helpful, to be selfless. Heaven is of gratitude for all, be it positive or negative.
Northwest is the direction of the Heaven trigram in the Northern Hemisphere while the direction in the Southern Hemisphere is southwest. This trigram is of a just nature, its forceful and rigid, of power and dignity. Horses, dragons, lions, elephants, bears and cranes are the animals of Heaven, with the plants being chrysanthemums, pines and lotuses.
Items made of metal are of Heaven, while parliaments, temples, fortresses, ancestral halls and altars places of the very trigram. It is this trigram that is known as The Creative and of pure Yang energy. Heaven is of the divine, the energies of the cosmos that brings myriad of things into what is called being. Heaven can be seen as morally strong and religious. In politics it is of peace, in agriculture a successful and abundant harvest.

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