Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Common Mint

Mentha spicata is the botanical name of common mint. Rhizomes allow it to easily spread, and potentially become a weed in ones garden quite easily, thus making pots often essential.
It is a perennial plant that produces flowers in slender spikes with pink or white flowers. The leaves are opposite and up to 7cm long and 3cm wide and this Mentha grows typically up to 75cm tall. It can be used for a number of uses, flavouring teas, scenting candles and adding flavour to food.
Moist soil and partial shade is the need for Mentha spicata. In winter it dies down but will easily flourish in the other seasons with easy care. Rich soil and plenty of water is what is loved by this plant. Propagation is easy with cuttings, division and planting rhizomes all choices for getting more Mentha spicata.

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