Friday, September 9, 2011

Totems: Bee

Bees are symbols of fertility and it is no surprise that they are so, for they help with pollination which is needed for many plants to seed and further on continue their species. The honeycomb that bees make is a lovely reminder of the sweetness of life and even said to be the symbol of the heart.
The bee totem teaches to be fertile, or rather productive. Work is important, and the bee understands; reminding of its importance. While work is of importance, the bee teaches to not become a workaholic. Examination at ones level of productivity and how busy one is the bee asks of.
As stated, the bee teaches to not become a workaholic, yet it is taught that to stay on task is needed. There is time to mess about. When working there likely isn’t and the bee teaches that if work requires no messing about, then there shouldn’t be such.
Keeping the house tidy is needed as this totem teaches. The bee tells that having a clean house is important. To keep it tidy will be a chore, but one that allows to have the house itself look a lovely place to live.

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