Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Tlaloc

Tlaloc is the Aztec god of rain and fertility who has the power to send hail thunder and lightning. Tlaloc’s name means He Who Makes Things Sprout.
Specifically, Tlaloc is the lord of the third sun, which was destroyed by fire. Tlaloc was appeased with child sacrifices. The goddess Atlatonan was ritually drowned to this god, whom was known as the “Daughter of Tlaloc”.
He is the father of the moon god Tecciztecatl and has an older sister known as Huixtocihuatl who is a fertility goddess ruling over salt and salt water. Tlaloc was originally married to the goddess of flowers, Xochiquetzal, but she was kidnapped and later married another goddess, Chalchiuhtlicue.
Tlaloc also rules over the fourth layer of the Upper World, or Heavens, where it is a place of unending spring and of many green plants. Tlalocan is the name of the fourth layer of the Upper World. This Upper World was where people came if they died violently from lightning, drowning, water borne diseases and other water relating ways to die.
Tlaloc wears a mask that is goggle eyed and with jaguar fangs, although he has blue skin like his mask. He wears foam sandals and a crown made of the feathers of heron feathers. Rattles are also carried to make thunder. Tlaloc is called by some Nahuatl, yet he is also a feared god for he can cause floods and drought.
Tlaloc is believed to live in caves within mountains, where treasures are protected. Four clay jars are also kept by this god, all filled with water. If the first jar is broken, it caused rain. The second, when broken, causes diseases. The third caused frost and the forth caused complete destruction.

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