Tuesday, September 6, 2011


With a botanical name of Spinacia oleracea, it is an annual that is of risk of a number of fungal diseases due to cool and wet weather it lives in. Aphids are also a problem to this plant. Spinach is a heavy eater of nutrients, which can pose some difficulties when growing.
Spinach is the plant to start growing in winter, where it can survive the cold very well. It can be needy in drainage as spinach loves it to be fantastic. Depending on the variety of spinach grown, it is suggested that is grown in either full shade, partial shade or full sun.
It is an overall easy to grow plant, especially in the cooler climates. Loving moist soil but disliking acidic soil, a pH to grow spinach in is 6.3 to 6.8. Spinach is ready for harvest roughly after two months, but with some spinach it may be ready as soon as forty days. The whole plant can be harvested if wished, or even before maturity for whatever use it may be.

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