Monday, September 5, 2011


Politics tend to be kept away from this blog for the reason that it can be a touchy subject. However, the very topic came up recently for me. To put it blunt, the Australian government isn’t exactly viewed in a positive manner. The discussion wasn’t long but it involved several people, despite it being so short it is clear the image of the Australian government and its politicians is viewed poorly.
One noted their distaste for politics in the news, describing it as bombardment of news itself. Politics is annoyingly featured on news time and time again. Although understandable that politics gets features in news, it seems people are tired of it having gain feature. As fun as it is to turn on the television to watch the news and see what tragedy has occurred, politics seems to be another depressing tragedy mentioned amongst others.
Nothingness is what of occurrence in government as one claims, another states that actions are taken with a mess the result. It could be even said a mixture of both is done; waffling surely is the politicians way. Much can be done by politicians, yet so little seems to be achieved. Nothing, almost. At certain points it seems to be pure insanity.
Saddening to think that the government of a country is not satisfying the people of its land.

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