Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eight Trigrams: Wind

The wind trigram is known as Xun, with being referred to also as ‘The Gentle’. Its upper and middle lines are unbroken while the lower is. Interestingly, Xun is associated with people that have broad foreheads. Other people associated with the wind trigram include eldest daughters and artists.
A representation of discipline and dedication to nature, the wind trigram is the one that asks if one is honouring nature. The eight trigrams are said to be able to be in harmony, and when Xun is in such humour and ability to laugh at human predicament is possible. Xun is the reminder to the abundance in life and how a small amount of one thing can turn into abundance.
The wind trigram is of the wood element, with its flavour sour and sense being of sight. Health wise, Xun deals with the liver and gallbladder. Dealing with nature, Xun is of interaction, upward movements, transformation and of course gentleness. Hairless animals are of the wind trigram, but so are chickens; for plants it is bamboo.
Xun’s colour is dark green while the season is late spring, The time of day is midmorning. Southeast is its direction in the Northern Hemisphere, northeast Xun’s direction in the Southern Hemisphere. Objects of the wind trigram are fans, rope and wind instruments.

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