Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Daucus carota subspecies sativus, or carrots, is the well known root vegetable. It is considered one of the easiest vegetables to grow, although one has to be careful with the soil as if the soil is heavy clay, compacted or stony forking of the carrot will occur. Too much nitrogen in the soil also causes branching and hairy, fibrous roots. Both is something to watch out for.
Potassium allows for the carrot to be sweet, so plenty shall allow for sweeter carrots. Growing carrots with tomatoes is said to help tomato production and if left to flower carrots will attract predatory wasps that will attack multiple garden pests.
Carrots need full sun and fertile soils that is well drained. Although sun is loved, when carrot plants are younger, shade is enjoyed. If transplanting, be careful as carrots do not deal with transplanting well.
Carrots are a cool season crop and can tolerate a frost, taking four months to mature. Spring and summer are generally the time of year to sow carrots.

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