Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Corn, or maize, comes in a number of varieties which includes a number of colours. Corn is a grain but in cooking it is used as a vegetable or starch. It can also grow in a number of climates, allowing for it to be grown in many countries. Its botanical name is Zea mays.
Typically, the seeds of corn are sown in spring, but the seeds at the latest should be sown in early summer. Compost, liquid fertilisers and mulch is loved by corn. Wind can prove a problem to this specific plant, where wind can knock down corn if strong enough. This problem with wind can be revolved with the use of bamboo sticks and string.
Full sun and well drained soil is needed for corn. Corn also is wind pollinated, and can be fertilized by the corn of neighbours posing a possible problem of creating a sterile hybrid. Due to how corn is pollinated, it is suggested to grow the corn closely together in a block formation to help allow higher corn production. Water is a love of corn, and as such soil should be kept moist but avoid waterlogging.

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