Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eight Trigrams: Thunder

The thunder trigram, or Zhen, is represented by having its upper and middle lines broken while the lower is not. Eldest sons, the aggressive and mentors are people of this trigram. The element of Zhen is of foot, where it concerns itself health wise of the feet and liver.
Zhen is known as “the Arousing” and “the Awakening”, relating to rapidity and quick movement. As it in connection to rapidity, it further relates to sudden illness. Birth and growth are associated with Zhen. Sudden anger is suggested whenever this trigram appears. With action it is of need, a warning to not sit about.
Teachers are indicated, to choose them wisely. Social interaction is important as Zhen tells, advising to avoid negative company. A trigram telling of a wake-up call, of how oneself is a spark to ones manifestation of life.
Sight is the sense of Zhen, with the sour flavour by its side. Bright green is its colour, wile young bamboo and reeds plants. Spring is time of year, with early morning time of day. Zhen’s direction is east for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

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