Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Jera is the rune of the hour 23:30-0:30 and the fortnight of 13th December to 28th December. This rune is associated with the gods Baldur, Hudur and Loki along with having the meaning of both joy and celebration.

Jera is the rune that has connection to the harvest, and with the harvest the celebrations that come along it. Because of this connection to celebration Jera is also associated with the winter solstice.
The tree that symbolizes Jera is the oak just as the herb rosemary also a symbol of this rune.

The rune Jera has no inverted interpretation for when it appears, and with that when Jera appears it tells of endings alongside new beginnings. Jera’s association to the harvest makes this rune the one telling to get the rewards from your work for the efforts you have gone through.
The likelihood of personal success is high as Jera notes and good times may be right in front of you.

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