Monday, February 28, 2011


When I look back at myself on how I meditated over time, I have certainly changed. To think I was introduced to meditation from a friend about seven years ago seems so strange to me now for one reason in particular, the fact that I meditated so little at first.

Upon learning about meditation I was given a few tips on how to do it, tips I no longer remember. With me, I was one of those people who couldn’t sit still for long in meditation, six or seven minutes at most.

One thing I really should have done sooner was meditate on a regular basis, something I didn’t do until the last couple years. Since I have started meditating daily I went from meditating about five minutes a day to usually between fifteen to twenty minutes a day, a much needed improvement.

Like what happens with many friends, they go their separate ways. About three years after my introduction to meditation, the very friend who introduced me to it had lost contact with me. Saddening as it was, it was bound to happen due to going to two separate schools and having little to no time to see or talk to each other. I’m certain that if I was still in contact with this person, he would be quite happy with how long I can meditate now.

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