Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Pertho is the rune of the fortnight of 13th January to 28th January and rules over the hour of  1:30 to 2:30. Pertho means ‘chance’ and ‘destiny’, the group known as The Three Norns and Frigga are the goddesses associated with this rune.

Other associations to Pertho besides the deities mentioned is of mysteries and with the amusement created from the revelations from the very mysteries. Pertho is the rune also associated with birth and death, making it a rune of beginnings and endings of all. Pertho’s name is said to mean ‘pawn’ or ‘gaming piece’, with the shape of Pertho said to look like a dice cup on its side and making it a rune largely in association with gaming.

When Pertho appears upright as either the first or only rune in a divination reading it is telling a quick message, whatever question wanted to have answered is not meant to be known. When this rune appears in the middle or end of a reading it has the meaning of fate is on your side and celebration will be eventual as problems will be solved and knowledge shall be increased. Any information that one gets also should be taken with discretion when this rune appears upright.

When Pertho appears in a reading inverted it tells of a bad time, especially for gambling and taking caution might be a good option.

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