Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obtaining Wood For A Wand

Making a wand can be quite easy, but the more complex a wand the harder it is to create. A problem that can arise in the creation of one’s own personal wand is getting hands on a certain kind of wood.

In one’s own local area there may be no trees with the wood wanted to make a wand. In Australia, eucalyptus trees are easy to come by which is great for people here who want to make a wand for protection, healing, good luck (especially with knowledge) and health. Eucalyptus wood is a great wood in itself to choose for if healing and protection magic are of focus. Knowing the most populace trees in the area can help in choosing the wood for one’s wand, as it might just have the magical properties wanted.

However, those in Australia may not focus on healing and protection magic. Knowing one’s local area and the trees within it is useful in this case. Even if the trees in the local area are personally not well known, it is always good to look around and learn. Take note of the trees and the magical properties of them, as it can create an easier time getting a wand.

Growing trees can come of benefit in the case of choosing a wood of a wand. While certain trees can be difficult to come across, if one already has a tree or two growing in their back or front yards it can save time going out and obtaining the wood elsewhere. Finding out the magical properties of the trees in one’s yards can be a great time saver for those busy bees or if simply currently lacking time.

Knowing the magical properties of the wood you are after is important, you can simply go to a search engine and find out the trees with such properties wanted. If such trees are not in the local area, going out to see nature in a not so local place is great not just for finding wood to create a wand but also to enjoy life at the same time.

Getting a wand for magic itself is personal, it is even said magic performed is stronger if the wand used was created by the wand user. It all comes down to choice on how one gets a wand and what wood is used.

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