Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Eihwaz is the rune ruling the fortnight of 28th December to 13th of January and hour of 0:30 to 1:30. The meaning of the rune Eihwaz is adaptability and the deity relating to Eihwaz is the god of hunting, Ullr.

Eihwaz itself has much association with trees, symbolizing three trees, the apple tree, poplar and yew. Eihwaz’s association seems to be strongest with the yew due to the fact that bows were often made from yew itself and that the god Ullr is said to use a yew bow. Since yew is also a tree found often in graveyards, Eihwaz is also a symbol of the past growing into the future. Eihwaz has connection with the world tree, or Yggdrasil, and with horses (especially so for the eight legged horse of the god Odin, Sleipnir). The herb symbolizing this rune is bryony.

When this rune appears it encourages risk taking and now is the time to take action. With Eihwaz considered a lucky rune for those who gamble and live by their wits. For students, the appearance of Eihwaz is a indicator of benefits.

Long term benefits is what is suggested by Eihwaz, even if it means going through a short time of stress and frustration.  Indication of process is what Eihwaz tells, where adaptability and a readiness to make quick decision is needed.
Eihwaz is an overall positive rune with no inverted meaning.

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