Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The rune with an appearance similar to the letter S is Sowelo, with this rune even unintentionally written by people at times. Sowelo has the fortnight of 12th of February to 27th February and rules the hour of 3:30 to 4:30. The gods Baldur and Thor are very much in association with this rune.

Sowelo has the meaning of ‘life force’, ‘love’ and ‘poetic justice’. The trees of Sowelo is the oak, juniper and bay, while the animal of this rune is the eagle. Mistletoe is another plant of this rune, with mistletoe being associated with the sun and Sowelo just happens to be the rune of the sun.

In a reading Sowelo tells of hope and if the reading is with multiple runes, Sowelo tells to not worry about all the ill-fortune the other runes may tell of as such bad luck is unlikely. Sowelo gives the message of if there is trouble, a happy outcome is of high chance.

Sowelo is a great rune to see when dealing with love, as overall Sowelo tells of happiness and harmony for all but the unjust. Justice will be likely when Sowelo appears in a reading, and those who do wrong are to gain nothing.

A rune with no introverted meaning, seeing Sowelo is a great rune to see in divination.

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