Friday, March 25, 2011

Totems: Lion

Lions are natural enemies of the spotted hyena are the well known for their title of king of the jungle. Social animals that group together, lions form prides and hunt together to take down powerful prey.

The lion teaches the power of femininity. It is the female lion that works hard in the pride, looking after cubs and hunting the animals to survive. When one looks at this side of femininity, it can be seen that femininity can be fierce and strong just like masculinity.

Male lions, while they have little involvement in hunting and looking after cubs, they do serve as the leader of the pride and the protector. The lion also teaches to protect what is worthwhile as the male lion will use his strength to protect his pride and territory.

While the male lion protects, it does need the help of the females of the group. Working together, it be protecting or hunting, is much needed. Teamwork is the lesson as when a group gets together, goals can be achieved much faster as small actions are taken by various members of the group. Teamwork is what has made so many species successful, proving itself important.

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  1. My Earth Totem is the Lion. She's one tough bitch ; O