Monday, March 28, 2011

Nine Fijian Coins

It is understandable how coins from one country can sometimes be circulated in another. Coins from New Zealand and Fiji are no surprise for many people in Australia. Some have the luck to get given foreign coins as change from countries besides New Zealand and Fiji, I’ve personally had the luck to be given a coin from Singapore and another Mexico.

Finding foreign currency on the other hand has shown amusement on my behalf. One would likely suspect to find a single coin on the street if lucky, two or three if it’s a especially lucky day. But in all honestly, how often does anyone find a couple Australian coins alongside nine Fijian coins totalling thirteen cents?

There’s always the joys of finding coins, it can simply be from the luck of finding money to smiling over that one coin needed to buy lunch or a drink. As joyful as I am to find eleven coins, there would have been much more joy if it was all Australian money.

Life, you know how to amuse me in weird ways.

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