Friday, March 11, 2011

Totems: Turtle

Turtles are rather interesting creatures and there are many ideas of what the turtle represents (to some longevity, others cowardice). 

This totem teaches the power of being at a slower pace, “slow and steady” you could say. Being fast doesn’t mean everything is better, being slow gives time to develop something, a project or an idea. After all, being late is better then being rushed.

The turtle teaches to be careful in new situations. Being in a new situation doesn’t mean one is safe, one could be lost or confused, and this is why being careful is important. Carefulness can be of what actions is taken, or what actions should be considered to not be taken.

Patience is very much a lesson of the turtle. It is can patience in waiting for a job to be done, a goal reached or for something to happen. Being patient itself can make things a lot easier, where impatience may get one in plenty of trouble.

Turtles are greatly known for their strong shells, while at the same time the turtle tells of self-protection and the importance of it. It might be a good idea for those with a turtle as a totem to learn how to protect themselves.

Offerings to the turtle may include fish, crayfish and shrimp.

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