Saturday, March 19, 2011


Rosemary is a fairly common herb to find and has multiple uses. Rosemary can be used for protection, love, purification, healing, sleep, improving memory and youthfulness. A masculine herb associated with fire and the sun.

Burning rosemary is great for cleansing and purifying an area, with rosemary being a herb people do burn to cleanse an area for ritual or divination. Burning rosemary is also of use for banishing negative energies.

Carrying rosemary helps with good health and keeping negative energies away. Placing rosemary under a pillow protects the person sleeping in the bed at night, along with keeping away nightmares and helps with getting a good sleep. When it is added to the water of a bath it helps with preserving youth and purifying oneself.

When in the practice of magic, rosemary is one of those herbs that is fantastic to have on hand. Rosemary can be used for various kinds of magic, love, healing, purification, and it is best used for protection magic due to its powerful protective properties. Rosemary is also great for spells that involve the protection of loved one’s.

In my experiences, rosemary is easy to grow and should be grown if herbs are being used for their magical properties. Even if not used for its magical properties, rosemary is a good choice for an ornamental plant to grow.

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