Friday, March 4, 2011

Totems: Vulture

The vulture is a creature that is disliked by many due to its connections with death. Lessons of this totem includes accepting appearances, embracing death and energy conservation.

A question the vulture asks is if we are using too much of our own energy. Too much energy might be used throughout the day. It is the vulture itself that uses the wind and sun to move through life making little energy needed to be used, vulture teaches it is also possible to do this ourselves.

The importance of all roles in societies, big or small, is a teaching of the vulture. No matter the role, wether big or small, it is of importance. A job may seem small or even pointless, but it can be in fact quite important to society in some shape or form.

Another teaching is that it is okay to accept help from others, help is needed at times and asking for help when needed can indeed be of a large amount of help itself. Help doesn’t have to be getting an objective done quicker, it can be about getting food or a place to stay.

Embracement of death is notable as a lesson of death, but to also accept death. Death itself is a part of life, and it is vultures that can locate death and survive off of it. The vulture teaches to understand death, to embrace it and it can be of our own deaths or of others.

Appearances can be misleading, the vulture is known as an ugly creature. It is taught by the vulture that appearances aren’t important, it is more to do with the actions of a person that is important.
It is the vulture that is also associated with a mythological creature known as the harpy. Researching the harpy for those with the vulture totem is an idea and to look at the significance of the harpy in one’s own life will be an idea.

Vultures have a digestive system that can deal with bacteria that humans would be unable to deal with themselves. This totem suggests to look at one’s own diet, to see what foods and drinks we consume that causes more harm rather then good.

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  1. Years ago, I did the Animal Chakra Totems Ritual/Exercise in Ted Andrews book and the Vulture is my Crown Chakra Totem. She has taught me so many wonderful life lessons and everytime I see her I know big change is coming bringing welcome change.

    I love your blog, thanks for coming over to my neck of the woods as well.