Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Thymus vulgaris, also known by its common names Common Thyme and Garden Thyme, is a rather well known herb, having its multiple uses. It can be used for aromatic flavouring to, as I’ve heard it, almost anything. During the medieval times thyme was a gift from men to women to show love.

Thyme is associated with the element of water and the planet Venus. Described as a feminine herb. Magical properties of this herb is of health, courage, bringing restful sleep and purification.
When doing a healing ritual, thyme can be used. This herb is said to be a good choice to use during divination.

Thyme with its properties can also protect against nightmares, making it a potential use in pillows for the very purpose.  A sprig of fresh thyme can also be worn to protect others from the sadness of others and to the ancient Greeks thyme was used as an incense to help lively up a spirit, which thyme can be used as an incense today for the same reason.

Ancient Greeks also used thyme by burning it to purify temples and to this day, thyme can be used to purify any area. Thyme is also thought to increase one’s psychic ability, while burning or wearing the herb is for the purpose of good health.

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