Friday, March 18, 2011

Totems: Panda

Probably best known for its black and white colouring, the panda is a large and powerful animal currently in danger of extinction.

Despite being a large creature it seems quite gentle, a being that is quiet and peaceful. The contrast to this, the pandas fierce strength. The panda teaches of using ‘gentle strength’, as it is known.

The black and white of the panda tells of masculinity and femininity, how the two should be balanced. One without the other, after all. Balance is important, which includes such things as the eight hour day (eight hours sleep, eight hours work and eight hours recreation). Balance itself can come in many forms, making it a great lesson to be taught by the panda totem.

The ability to tap into higher knowledge is what this totem is also about along with the power of solitude. Tapping into higher knowledge may be tricky to learn from this totem but certainly of much worth, and solitude itself can help with getting in touch with our gentle side.

It may be difficult to get stalks of bamboo to give as offerings. Luckily, pandas also occasionally eat a tiny bit of meat and grass, so such as offerings may have to do much of the time.

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