Tuesday, March 15, 2011


With all the variants of lavender out there, I am referring to any type of lavender when it comes to magical properties. Not much to my surprise, lavender has the magical property of love and makes a great herb to choose from if doing a love spell. Pieces of paper rubbed with lavender makes the paper itself great for writing love notes on. Rubbing lavender on oneself is for the purpose of attracting love.

Lavender is also a herb of protection, where one can wear lavender for against cruel treatment and the evil eye. Wearing lavender is said to also make it easier to see ghosts.
Dried stalks of lavender along with individual flowers can be dried and be burnt as incense sticks, making it useful for spells and rituals for love and protection.
The smell of lavender also helps with longevity, making it something to smell on a regular basis.

Sometimes people need help with insomnia or with getting a better rest, lavender just happens to be one of those plants that you can use to aid in sleep. Putting lavender in a pillow case is what is suggested to do when needed for the help of overcoming insomnia and get a better sleep.

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