Friday, December 3, 2010

Totems: Scorpion

Scorpions are obviously the sign of the star sign Scorpio, which I personally fall under and because of this it has given me some interest in scorpions yet my knowledge is very limited on such a creature.

The scorpion totem teaches about always being prepared to deal with tough times, such as with your environment. The scorpion is also a creature of self-defence, being able to defend oneself and knowing a thing or two to defend oneself can not only be a good lesson to learn but a needed lesson.

Death is yet another lesson but rebirth is needed to transform, to become a better person, wiser or stronger.

Scorpions are solitary creatures, and it just goes to show that being a solitary person isn’t a bad thing. While it is true you can learn a lot around others, a lot can also be learnt on your own. Such a lesson shouldn’t be passed, as if one can learn to be able to learn on their own, it can help the person greatly when they only have themselves to learn.

When offering to scorpion it might be of insects, crickets, small pieces of meat, but also of  water. It should be noting what kind of scorpion your totem is, seeing as many kinds of scorpions do not drink water so the offering of water may be improper.

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